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Messages - MaxCarnage696

Hey, currently playing the map. One bug I've ran into is the first buyable door can be purchased for 750 instead of 1,000 if you just look towards the left side of the door!
2 years ago
Congrats on 10 years Man! I've been revisiting the site since 2015 constantly looking for new maps to play with friends.
Things like DayZ and Especially Custom Zombies were what pushed me to get a Gaming PC back in 2013. I used a Dell Optiplex 745 with a HD 6670 to play Zombies back in the day and it got me by.  Myself and some friends had to use cracked copies and Tunngle at the time as we were only kids at the time and we had no money ( And yes, I did purchase it on Steam eventually :D ).
UGX was a massive part of the Custom Zombies Experience for finding new maps, and even just chatting to the creators of maps was always great weather it was either criticism/suggestions, or just complementing the creators on how much I enjoyed their maps . The Hype I had for some maps on this page ( Like Raganrok and Malibu Drive for Example )  has yet to beaten by other games honestly.
Thanks to the people who still keep this site going. It still fills me with massive nostalgia whenever I open up this page again.
2 years ago
There will be one more update after this but not sure when, it will be a rework of all the lighting and FX for the map thanks to C.H.N.

Patch notes for this release.

Patch notes
added MG turret - speed cola room & alley
cleaned up ugly intro alleys
added sound to cash pickup, ee song triggers teleport sounds
fixed broken portals
added bo1 kino vox to repalce dlc3
added new stuff to intro chopper scene
menu background changed
added missing gersch fx
speed up ripper reload
add weapon swap sounds
fixed thunder upgrade missing
added rpg
added desert eagle
added mpl
added stakeout
added l96a1
added dragunov
added aug
increase commando, famas, ragun 2d fire sounds
change heli coop wait
thundergun fx fade in/out
added random player chars
fixed panzer killed by nuke
fixed panzer sprints if left as final ai in round
changed main auto turret to little bird heli turret
increase lb cost
fixed pap pistol 3 gun glitch
fixed wall and box gun glitch when using m203 launcher alt weapon
lots of clipping improvments
added peipe fire and water fx when shot
some texture and lighting changes
more reflection probes
lots of map optimisations
improved char vox triggers
weapon cleanups
bunch of other stuff i can remember
Nice update, but why is Double tap 7,000 and Quick Revive 700?
3 years ago
when i start the map than crash world at war can anyone help me to fix this problem ? need help please

"This Map Requires T4M"
7 years ago
Who remembers this place? ;)
btw I also have a twitter if anyone's interested -> /i3ick

(Image removed from quote.)

Is that supposed to be a scene from The Matrix? cause it looks very similar!
8 years ago
Just wondering if anyone was planning to remake Trooper's map Aztec? One of my all time favorite custom zombie maps and would love to play it in Black Ops 3. Sorry if this happens to be in the wrong section but didn't know where else to put it.
8 years ago
CPU: Intel Core i5 4690
GPU: GTX 970 ( Plan to upgrade to a 1070 at Christmas )
Motherboard: Gigabyte H97M-D3H
Memory: Crucial 16GB 1600Mhz
Case: NZXT Lexa S
SSD: Samsung Evo 850 250GB
HDD: 2TB WD Green
Keyboard/Mouse/Headset: Perixx PX-1100, Logitech G502, Turtle Beach XO ONE/ Sennheiser HD 380 Pro
8 years ago
Any plans to remake this map in Black Ops 3?
8 years ago

Things are going very well and the layout is complete!  :gusta:  :rainbow:

Anything you guys wanna see? Leave a comment below detailing your suggestion/feedback!

Thank you!

- Ping
Would love to see some weapons from previous games.
8 years ago
I'm happy to help you beta test if you want :)
8 years ago
Has this map even been optimized? Getting like 50 FPS. Also, you should move this map to the Map Releases section
8 years ago
Can somebody please tell me how do I install this mod? also is this for BO1 or 2?

Download it and install. Also, this mod is for World at War
8 years ago
please don't add t4m , I have the disk version of World at War , so as fun as the T4m maps look , I can't play them and there is no way I am buying World at War twice , also love the encampment map btw , play it pretty often , love fighting the origins zombies and love the custom weapons .
You can still use T4M with the DVD version of the game. You just need to download the LanFix.
8 years ago
Any progress on the new update? Dying to play it :D
8 years ago
I love this map so much! It's just that, it's impossible to get past round 25 =/ (Image removed from quote.)
I had the exact same problem :(
8 years ago
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