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if you have a problem say what it is, i cant help if you just say you have a problem

I love you ._.
1066 days ago
It's a honor to have you,  ;)  Never Forget                                    The Relaxing End.                       Me             
       AntiCheat systems                                     Treyarch                                             The 27 Perks!                           This is getting annoying now                          I'll stop with this text now...

Me right? Lol ;)
1068 days ago
I find when you are in neither at the start of a round it's easier to get an enderman to spawn.
1068 days ago
I love the weapons but how did you get the black ops 1 weapons to look so good? my weapons keep turning out grey :(
1071 days ago
does anyone have any advice. Im really stuck on this. I want to finish my map but I cant without gun sounds! Anything will help!

Your sounds don't work ;)
1071 days ago
Can some one plz tell me how to get to pap plz

The easier way to get an upgraded weapon with with the perk which packs your weapon. You can maybe try to move that obsidian that that roof.. looks kinda big and heavy tho. ;)

Double Post Merge: March 22, 2017, 08:33:37 pm
The perk which gives you a chance of pap box weapons I meant*
1071 days ago
I had that if we are talking about bo3, disable ur anti virus before launching!
1072 days ago
What map are you having this problem on? There is a major update needed. Unfortunately with him having more help with people making the maps for him he has to script more, with 2 new mappers now and also bug fix his current releases.
1073 days ago
Idk I just have all the steps sent to me for every EE
1075 days ago
What do you mean? I don't see no second sights.

Look in ur video.. u have folded down iron sights behind your raised sights
1076 days ago
Did I see my characters breath o_o
1076 days ago
You might want to remove the second sights on it... it's only suppose to be there for different optic attachments
1076 days ago
Has anyone found the Folter Asyl Easter egg yet im stumped i found something that glows at the middle of the map on top of the fountain after you fill the two small blue things with souls after you hack them. Also i love hacking pap is a saves so much points.

I've bet the map I couple times.
1077 days ago
I love your map "Cracked"... If you remaster it, I'll be so glad  ;D ;D  :alone:

._. don't suggest more work lol
1086 days ago


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