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Thanks !  ;)
518 days ago
Hello guys , i know that the map can't be downloaded here , but does somebody know why i have this problem when i lunch albtraum ( only albtraum other custom maps works good)

thanks for help
520 days ago
Open up the full console and is there a line in it where it says error line (whatever line)?
Thank you for the reply , but i found , the problem was that my common.ff file was deleted , thank yo...
520 days ago
Can you send a screenshot of the error?
idk how ?
sorry i begin here ...

Double Post Merge: June 17, 2018, 10:33:13 am
520 days ago
If you have the cd version you also need to download lan_fixed exe and use that to launch the game. Instructions are in the T4M release topic.
If you have steam you don't need lan_fixed exe
520 days ago


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