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I hardly used the flamethrower at all...
1568 days ago
This map looks awesome man!
1569 days ago

What a long game but this map is anticipating, can't wait for the final release!
1570 days ago
At this rate, with so many dislikes/hate on IW, I wonder how it will affect future CoDs in the next upcoming years from Sledgehammer and Treyarch, I hope they go back to boots-on-the-ground style and not this futuristic crap, it's going to get repetitive and old.
1580 days ago
Should've just sold it as a separate game...but nope.
1580 days ago
Thanks, I like making BO2-style loading screens (beginner at it) because I like the art and style.
1580 days ago
Anyone want to join me on Clinic of Evil, I just recently got beta access after I donated and I want to do this map on co-op, I will also do video gameplay on the map as well.

WaW: Lusiano2013
Steam: LusianoTheDemon
1581 days ago
I made a BO2-style load screen for the map if you need it, if I have the source location/s wrong, just let me know and I'll fix it.

1581 days ago
Some Moon references, but overall can't wait for the full release!
1581 days ago
How about a day-night transition?
1581 days ago
The preview images look amazing, can't wait for full release!
1581 days ago
It's on the Off-Topic/Youtube section, I can't post Youtube links here..
1583 days ago
This map is pretty good but one thing is that you can buy more than four perks without buying a perk slot; I don't know if it was intentional or something, and the hijacked rounds are unnecessary but its a good map overall.

1584 days ago
Woah, this looks amazing, will give it a try and do gameplay of it!
1584 days ago


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