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On round 9, zombie glitches out, well its also on some rounds.
1537 days ago

Custom thumbnail by me, original image by IZaRTaX.
1540 days ago

1541 days ago

The elemental weapons are a nice touch on the map!
1541 days ago

My revised gun game gameplay on UGX Requiem.
1542 days ago

Thumbnail by me, me tackling the MW2 Rust remake and it went pretty well!
1544 days ago

After I saw Yoteslaya do the map (rest in piece) I wanted to try this out for myself and this map is difficult as hell!
1558 days ago

Is this still a thing!?
1560 days ago

Decent map overall.
1561 days ago

Early rounds comes with runners, Damn Daniel!
1562 days ago
Downloading and going to record gameplay!
1563 days ago

Welcome to Dead Island, I never bothered to find the hidden teddy bears to get to the pack-a-punch.
1563 days ago

I imagine there will be a diner remake *sarcasm* but it's a pretty great remake of BO2 Farm, and yes I know, I died at round 11 but it's the same thing as original Farm.
1565 days ago

Hard as hell but fun nonetheless and going old school!
1565 days ago
I have an idea for the map if it could be implemented, a day-to-night transition where you can change map from day to night before you start on the map.
1568 days ago


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