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yeah man i can get models from the internet but unfortunately i dont know how to script.thats what i need
1177 days ago
Can anyone help me?I want to make a map that has options for starting rounds like BO2 in green run which starts in rounds 1-5-10-15-20
1179 days ago
well how do i use that
1183 days ago
well, this link dont work -     -  error 404
1183 days ago
u mean u started a map and need help?
1183 days ago
I dont think u need and update
1183 days ago
well since u are a scripter do u know how to make a script for a moving bus like tranzit?i need that
1185 days ago
yeah i agree with u but i will keep mustang and sally also ray gun.
He also forgot to say that players should buy jugg first and than hit the box(bo2 town for example)
1187 days ago
just try another treasure chest prefab not that
1188 days ago
Can anyone help me bcs i want to add on my map a buildable pack a punch and a buildable zombie shield?
1195 days ago
i have started a map in radiant in cod waw and i want to make a big map like tranzit.
Can anyone help me to make a bus like in tranzit that moves around the map?
1195 days ago

Hello everyone, after going to windows 10 I found problems in the launcher to start asset manager.
In the console I see: Failed to execute asset_manager.
Has anyone had my problem? How to fix the error?

 i got the solution of your just have to install  vcredist(86)2005  + vcredist(64)2005     thats all
1195 days ago
Can someone please help me
Im making my new map and when i try to compile i get always this error
1262 days ago
how to setup maya plugin for cod waw for model exporting(with a video)
1305 days ago


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