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Messages - kingneo

Hi, just wondering what I would need to do in order to remove the perk limit for my custom zombies map. I would like it to be an option to just buy every perk.

Also, if it is simple to do so, how would I be able to add Electric Cherry and Widow's Wine into the map? Neither of them seems to exist as a prefab, but I have seen people with them in their maps (Madgaz for example), and would like to put them into mine as well.

Thanks guys!
5 years ago
So I got T4M to play the nacht remake in the fortress mod, which requires this mod to play it. I did what it said, put the d3d9.dll in the game's root directory. If I do this, however, the game will crash every time I open it, and the error given is "unhandled exception caught." Any known way to fix this?
5 years ago
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