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this map will be fun
1718 days ago
Small update: Still waiting on one script, so Im updating small things in the map to better ones. Added few more weapons in and cant add anymore due to hitting limits (of course I could make map T4M-only, but think I can stay under limits) This is something I did today due to boredom:

(Image removed from quote.)

All shaders are now SoE-styled, even powerups :P Maybe I try get chalkmarks also, maybe...
1733 days ago
I have a question this is map be a dark theme map ::)
1733 days ago
Thankyou,wasnt sure if to carry on as it didn't really get much feedback.
keep up the good work cant wt to play it

Double Post Merge: December 29, 2015, 02:20:21 pm
Thankyou,wasnt sure if to carry on as it didn't really get much feedback.
all the Wonder Weapons what one will you put in this I like to see the blundergat
1733 days ago
Here are a few early pictures of my new map im working on , full story and features to come at a later date.
Any suggestions or feedback welcome,pay no attention to weapons as they will be all changed..


the map look goood love it
1734 days ago
love the map look fkin cool
1738 days ago
1738 days ago
same thing happen to me :( :(
1747 days ago
black ops 1 zombie maps textures
Call of Duty Black Ops 1 five zombies textures
I need the computer textures
 or any other textures
if you guys can help and my friend is looking for the Tommy Gun
1749 days ago
I have a question what guns are you add in the map it will be cool if you add  Black Ops 3 gun
when I seen this I know people would be trolling
 :troll:[Allow Turning Power off] :troll:
please do not add this to any Maps I know it will be cool if you do something with it.
like this if you turn off the zombie boss doesn't come
and do you have any new update will be coming soon
1749 days ago
:gusta: Im sure your testers wont find anything, heh
that's so true his Maps had really no bugs

Double Post Merge: December 13, 2015, 04:52:32 pm
That moment when everybody is still asking for betas in WIPs thinking that they are an exception the the rule.
I will be waiting to the map finish and I will be play
1749 days ago
Don't post the entire thread :please:
I don't get the question

Project Contamination: Awakening [Official Trailer] is cool at way i love it I just want to tell him the map looks beautiful
1749 days ago
you got my vote
1750 days ago
As long as we're all talking about things that should have been different about the contest, my personal opinion is that we should have not allowed the same consecutive winner for a mapping contest.

I see your point about the voting system, but I'm not going to go through the trouble of editing SMF's voting system. We can't really switch to a third party polling system because then we have no way of verifying that each vote is from a legitimate person and that no one is abusing the system.
that's okay I didn't know you had to vote or common. I can see a lot of people making accounts to cheat if it was a vote button
1753 days ago


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