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that's cool good job jon the ygx team ::)
1522 days ago
For all those complaining that they will never play this map, here's the solution: Yep, you're welcome! :P Shame you cancelled Mz, thought it may happen though seeming you've been working on the map for 2 years. Can't wait to see your BO3 maps bud. :D
i am  :'( you cancelled i like your map more
1564 days ago
You want it? I have it.
how much would it cost me to get it from you and do you have pic of it in custom zombie  game  :alone: you make my day

Double Post Merge: June 03, 2016, 08:19:34 am
Cool yeah
the weapon will be make in a custom map i will be voice actor in for custom zombe  and the name is killingerk Dark Reaper´╗┐ I wasdo use this the old Bowie knife  from waw and it be all black
1577 days ago
lol i pm you on cfgfactory  to ask you is ?
1577 days ago
can any one  Porting BO3: Bowie Knife weapons from Zombies for Call of Duty: World at War custom zombie i will pay you if you can do it i will to pay if you can do or you can do it for free at will help out a lot
1577 days ago
Do not use this topic to insult anyone.
Attacking or insulting someone on a custom maps topic is out of place, insulting someone who has introduced this map, I find it offensive.
Please note that not happen again.
I didn't mean to be offensive I'm just saying you working basically two years and I don't mind don't donate to you it will help you a lot you deserve itit
1635 days ago
Map will be free for all when would be finished.
This is the Private Beta pre release, that now is under construction.
I understand your point of view, feel free for work in a map for almost two years and then to decide what to do.
For my part I wont discuss more about it.
You can wait for final release or you can play the beta some time before.
how can we donors to you for the beta

Double Post Merge: April 05, 2016, 08:54:48 am
Your first map only goes to donors. Some of us do not have the money. No offense. Relaxing had it 1st. Bullshit
I mean i have nothing against this but it seems unfair. I have been looking forward to this map for as long as it has been in the WIP section. I'm kinda pissed i cant try the beta cuz i dont have the money to donate. Cmon man
he can give it to anyone he wants for free or not he's been working on it for a long time donate to him and way is it   Bullshit Relaxing had it 1st
1636 days ago
oh my God I love the pictures the blackness looks awesome :alone:

Double Post Merge: March 30, 2016, 05:15:27 pm
New update in map:
-important improvement in No Mans Land. Each day NML is more crazy, more death and destruction, so each day is better and funnier. Thanks to BluntStuffy
(Image removed from quote.)
-added part of the easter egg, thanks to Shippuden1592
if I wasn't paying attention playing this map and I seen that dog pops out in my game i be scared
1641 days ago
how can i get the Jurassic World map
1649 days ago
I'm watching their game play on your Channel right now like good
1658 days ago
I love the lighting :rainbow:
1670 days ago
where do you get this idea from I never forget so my will make this all I need to say is thank you :D
1714 days ago
look cool
1718 days ago


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