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There is a Thing on ModMe for this
921 days ago
did you export them like ADS anims? cause if so that is the issue. You must export them like normal anims (tag_torso,tag_cambone,hierarchy)
922 days ago
I was thinking about making the first 1:1 remake of this map but I wonder how people would respond to another nacht even if its 1:1
please just dont, there are way too many of those now
923 days ago
jesus that is a long list... But practice makes perfect if you really want this to be a thing. I'm not sure if many people will want to use this idea
925 days ago
Ones you made, probably... But ones you have installed, I dont think so
928 days ago
what do you mean? shi no numa is a swamp  :gusta:
you get what I mean lol, but I'll fix it
933 days ago
So another Revelations 2.0 but only the jungle/swamp maps?
933 days ago
Are you using the wet texture for it?
939 days ago
no the mask should be the camo mask for putting camos on the gun... Have you made sure you used the correct texture for the color map though?
941 days ago
i doubt nintendo dmca'd the project
942 days ago
the textures for the hbr and xmlar look a little weird
944 days ago
Do you have a reflection probe in the room
953 days ago
tip: please insert the image using that little Mona Lisa icon when posting on here.

But are there any errors when you're linking your mod/map
956 days ago
he made them with his mouth
i just went "POW" and "BANG" for the fire sound, then made a bunch of "CHHH" noices and did some sick editing and got the sounds just right
957 days ago
This is the help desk for BO3 not world at war, please make sure to post in the correct areas
957 days ago


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