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Are you using harry's perks? Because if so you have too many client systems. Open in clientscripts and search for this:
clientscripts\_utility::registerSystem("zombify", clientscripts\dlc3_code::zombifyHandler);
and remove it, and then go into _zombiemode.gsc in maps and search for this:
and remove it, and also search for this:
maps\_utility::setClientSysState( "zombify", 1, self );
and remove it
Yes I am using Harry's perks, but the same error is still showing up...
1430 days ago
Hey I'm kind of confused on what I did wrong but whenever the map starts, the game crashes and I get an error saying
"ClientSysSetState - state index (-1) out of bounds (0 - 8): (file 'maps/_utility.gsc', line 9844)
  ClientSysSetState(level._clientSys[sSysName].sysID, sSysState);"
I hope you can kinda help me with that
1430 days ago
Thats not harrys problem thats a normal problem that happens even with stock stuff if you dont do it right.
For the first problem i dunno.
How can I fix it so it works properly? (sorry I'm kind of a noob at this  :poker:)
1430 days ago
Hey whats up. I'm jdcobra, but you peeps can just call me John cause its easier I guess. I'm a huge zombies fanatic and I'm just starting out with modding and making custom maps in preparation for Bo3 mod tools (though I will still probably use waw mod tools as well when Bo3's comes out)... So like, thats pretty much all I have to say so... Yeah, nice to meet all of you guys and gals
1430 days ago
Hello, I'm getting some problems with some ported weapons. (Almost every weapon I have in the map is either from MW, or BO1/2/3). 
I have the Sten on the wall and I'm able to purchase it, no problem there. But if I trade it out and try to rebuy it, It will not let me, though I will lose points as if I was buying it.
Another problem I'm having is with the pack a punch. Say I get the Ray Gun MKII out of the box, and I go to upgrade it while my only other gun is a starting pistol (In my map it's the USP). When I take the paped Ray gun out of the machine, I will only have the ray gun and no USP... I was just wondering why this happens, and how to fix it.
(im using HarryBO21's perks and his Mysteryboxes)

Double Post Merge: June 26, 2016, 01:06:52 am
Update: After some more testing I figured out that I am able to buy the Sten on the wall with a weapon that isn't ported such as the Wunderwaffe but I'm still not sure why it isn't working with ported guns

Double Post Merge: June 26, 2016, 01:33:28 am
Jeez another update: Now for some reason no weapon at all will allow me to purchase the Sten off the wall for some reason.
1432 days ago
I noticed a few bugs and glitches while playing.
1: The upgraded MG36's sight is pure pink
2: I got a G-Spawn error after getting down on the Stairs by the buyable ending
3: While playing co-op my friend strangely went invisible for no reason until the end of the game
1743 days ago


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