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Looks awesome keep it up! and good luck with all the scripting (Pentagon Doc, teleporter)  ;)
1716 days ago
Nice tut will upload a vid to proof it works with multiple lights :P :D
1720 days ago
Thats awesome! thank you  :D
1720 days ago
Please upload to mega or google drive Mediafire won't load the captcha for me  :gusta:
1724 days ago
I realy enjoyed playing this map but some of the BO3 weapons have some awkward anims for the mr6 you coukd use the bo1 colt anim insted of the bo2 this may look better ^^
1726 days ago
Is this the updatet version don't seee a v2.1 or something don't want to download again "'cause of size"  :gusta: ;)
1730 days ago
Looks like a realy good start keep it up!  :D
1732 days ago
More map, less weapons...  :please:
also map looks good reminds me of a part from this arkham christmas map lol
1734 days ago
Its not released yet if its released before i finish ill add it.
Wait for the release of ugx 1.1 it will worth it
1751 days ago
but der reise is already made in waw, just add ugx mod to the old map lmao
...And hit every existing limit...  :please:
1751 days ago
IF SOME TEXTURES ARE RED - -turn off spec maps in settings
Or you just add an "Reflection Probe" in the map  :please:
1759 days ago
Looks like a good start keep it up  :D
1760 days ago
Looks awesome remind me a little bit of Penguin
1768 days ago
No pap sounds and/or flash effects, sorry
I just don't like them ;)
These are just wasted fx and sound :p
1773 days ago
Quality Pic 10/10 -IGN
Haha :D Excacly what i thougt  :D
1774 days ago


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