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looks good!  :rainbow:
but these rails are too thick and unreal  :gusta:
1685 days ago
i fixed the problem whilst reset the "deffiles" folder in my root looks like i messed it up somehow  :gusta:
thanks anyway  ;)
1687 days ago
Replace your /bin folder then.

converter is located in there.

I deletet the Bin folder and put the files from the Modtools in root but irt still won't work
1687 days ago
German has 3 article "Der" "Die" and "Das" for the word "Festung" it's "Die" kinda hard to explain with my english  :gusta:
but trust me "Die Festung" is right :P
1687 days ago
correct name would be  "Die Festung" :)
1687 days ago
Your deffiles are out of date replace them from the mod tools!
already tried this yesterday and it still won't work
1687 days ago
whilst trying to compile some cutom textures i got this problem:

1687 days ago
Looks like a realy good start keep it up  :rainbow: :D
1687 days ago
I would prefer keep this "sepia""rusty" look because it's something complete new i haven't seen this before
1688 days ago
Thunder Kar98k incoming  :troll: :D
nice script thanks for release  ::)
1693 days ago
Am i dreaming? this looks so awsome  :o
well done  :accepted:
1697 days ago
I respect the Scale, Features and detail but CoD: AW is running smoother than this map  :gusta:
so for me this map is sadly unplayable even with "fullbright 1"  :-[
1703 days ago
Oh my god this looks so awesome! keep it up dude :D ;)
1703 days ago
Bright days are cool but it doesn't fit Shi No's atmosphere imo.
Actualy shi no is on bright day in original  :please:

I would prefer an cloudy bright orange sunset this may look good ^^
1712 days ago
Could you upload a pic would like to see what it looks like ^^
1714 days ago


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