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Map just looks like some bonus rooms from ORBIT  :poker: :derp:
1485 days ago
looks good but where's the jungle?  :D
1496 days ago
I have boguht the original game and never had problems with it before :-\
1499 days ago
Still no fix for my low fps problem?  :'(!
1499 days ago
These maps are lagging so insane that i'm not able to play one of the (Even the gobblegum map) i can run every cod till AM with 30FPS at high graphics so it can't be my pc
I already reinstalled the map and also restarted my PC  :please: :alone:
1502 days ago
If i remember right the UGX setup map has exactly the same stuff in  it ??? ::)
1508 days ago
Are you sure MOTD zombies will fit the map?  ::)
1531 days ago
Looks awesome so far!  :)
But try to get into terrain patches: add blending, and don't make it so flat  ::)
keep it up  :cute: 
1534 days ago
I love it just waiting for more detail  ::)
keep on going  :D
1569 days ago
So this map has been dead for over a year now, as Fracture Studios hit the material limit and are now busy with NT.
I have now been allowed to get the map working and released using the weapons i had in Kino. I will also see if i can remove any more unused waw assets to clear up some space.

I would really rather have this map work without T4M but it will be applied if necessary. Thank you :)
Logging in to UGX after a week see this message... Thats Happiness guys  :gusta: ;D :rainbow:
1659 days ago
Video isn't availible in Germany cause of the music you used .-.
Couldyou please add some pictures?  ;)
1669 days ago
Images aren't working  :poker:
1670 days ago
Map looks realy realy good
are you going to make it fully 1:1 also with zombie spawns perk locations (would be cool if you change the locations so we don't now where jugg is  :troll:) Fx and weapon spots? :P
1672 days ago
Looks nice already i just can't image how it will be continued  :P
1685 days ago


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