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When I added an LED strip inside for more light it shut my psu down, lol, so that isn't getting added.
Thats some "killer" LED strip right there  :lol:
6 years ago
the cut version only cut the symbols links, not default images?
But it doesnt have anything related to zombie DUH!
6 years ago
First up that could not load image is your main issue.

That means your root/main/iw_02.iwd is damaged and is missing default.

Verify your game's integrity with Steam and make sure your IWD's are redownloaded (delete main).

$default is a stock material that should exist in one of the original fastfiles.

I dont have waw on steam (only the cut version in german steam). Would be nice if someone could upload that file to mega or whatever...
6 years ago
Ever since making the christmas contest map (with ugx mod on it) Im getting this error during the path connect wich stops the paths from being connected at all:

The weird thing is that there is a $default in material, material properties and images.

Thanks for the help in advance guys ;)
6 years ago
Gotta love being from germany

Basically says that it MIGHT contain copyrighted music
6 years ago
How did you get the revive fx to show up this intensely or is it godray? I´ve been experimenting with the revive fx for a while but it turned out to look really subtile :I

Reference picture:
6 years ago
Why the hell would you think its a good idea to make the color corection plain black anyways. I didnt even know that was a command  :lol:
6 years ago
Also for fans: im pretty sure whatever person you ask that knows his (or her) shit will tell you that nocuta fans are the best :D
6 years ago
Guys doesnt even matter he doesnt need a new case for better cooling wtf?!
6 years ago
Milk still taste white..... You should have spoiled it with purple

Anyway enjoy your stay here

found some purple milk for you
6 years ago
When going for a cooler cpu id recommend a pre filled liquid cooling solution. Installs just like a normal cpu cooler but its way more effective and the fans actually cooling the liquid also cool your case ;) So a new case isnt really necessary
6 years ago
I used to either draw on my block or sometimes scream at my classmates if they got too annoying. Teachers thanked me sometimes:D
Can confirm :P
6 years ago
Welp guys i'm here with another random ass topic i thought of. so paste the last thing you copied here. no porn. if you copied an image just link it with imgur something. if you have code use the insert code button.

Well ive been copying skyrim enb stuff all day now because i fucked up my game and its not working anymore :I
6 years ago
Post updated with:
Some Shots of our modular hallway system

6 years ago
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