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Go to Control Panel - System - Advanced System Settings - Performance Settings in Advanced tab - Advanced tab - Under Virtual Memory, ensure that you're letting the system manage your pagefile's size.
2372 days ago
i've never seen that graphics card in my life tho, but i can tell you that being the third digit "3" it means youll soon have to upgrade your GPU if you want to play more modenr games
2372 days ago
specs are decent, that's a tower pc right?
2372 days ago
As I told you in the chat, I promise I'll port a map with your tutorial, this is a great tut thanks!
2380 days ago
I was only able to download ver. 1.4 and 1.2.1, the other links are down, both mirrors! Please fix this...

Post Merge: February 03, 2014, 10:25:33 pm
Can anyone upload them to other hosts please?
2387 days ago
do we put our steam ID or username? IN the "Edit Profile" zone it asked me for the username, but in contest rules it asked me the ID
2387 days ago
I am going to fix this ...
Hurray! But seriously the map looks really great.
2390 days ago
Hey man the map looks really cool pls don't cancel it :)

jk :)
2390 days ago
What happened? Why cancelled?
2391 days ago
Nice work, thanks
2391 days ago
I'd love to earn this SSD so that I can install my OS and some games, making my computer really fast and responsive
2394 days ago


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