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dude, the original industrial estate is already hard enough, could you work on another version without 1. Verrukt runners 2. Juggernaught with a mini gun 3. EMZ Crawlers . the original crawlers that teleport are hard enough to deal with but when you and so many hard bosses and a bunch of tight areas, the map losses it's value that makes players want to play it, i know it sounds like i'm complaining a lot, but i just wanted to try a custom zombie map with beautiful aesthetics and many weapons to use, but with the hard bosses and three quick revives with only four perks you can equip at ounce, the map ends up being ignored by the people that tried it

all i want is a version of this map without the hard bosses that i mentioned earlier

i hope you understand ;)
1665 days ago
The map seems to crash between round 30 and round 20 witch sucks because this is one awesome map :-\
1689 days ago


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