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been gone a while, so mind if i ask who delta is? O.o

Idk who is delta. I just heard he is a nice guy ;)
3170 days ago
Its grea to see that some facts aren even discussed in the old paraleyes team.
I wish before dropping this news bomb we could first talk intern - but this case is now too late.

Anyway, official there aren't any pap weapons planned.
City was from my site more into a bit more realism designed.
It should make sense. - Of course this doesn't mean that there wont be any laser shooting rifle or superweapons in city.
The realistic weapon ammo thing was my personal intend, I didn't thought about that ppl won't like this - the development is currently on with this feature but I guess when it's done I will also add the option to disable it.

Well, city is a complete rewrite of the current zombie mode and most of the core features won't be available or do get replaced with a better system.
Lets take for example the weapons. - They wont be anymore on a wall and it magicly appears!
Weapons, ammo and given items/tools need are now everywhere randomly spawned where it makes sense.
Also it is possible to give/recive items to/from other players.

And I guess more realism doesn't mean less fun, thats a challenge which I really take care off.
So the actual dev was realism and later make things easier ( or at least give the opportunity to disable certain features )

The curennt main feature ( more zombies, civilians and bandits ) is currently in a great development process by me.
I hope I can finish the basic features soon and show you some cool wip media :)

If there are any questions left, just ask here.
We try to answer them if we can :)
3176 days ago

Status: Cancelled until further notice.

First incident was at TS4 animate test facility (Quote) " We blocked all exits, the area is quarentined." They captured eight subjects, four Seemingly normal security guards and four infected specimans. All of which were taken to the water asylum, a mental hospital for scientists that manipulate water atoms and study the functions of the human brain, then proceed to modify it.

The cave under water asylum was used for testing infected behaviour. For example, the "Bright" experiment was used for testing infected eyesight, like the ability to seek flesh in pitch black areas, and how they would respond to drastic lighting changes. The four security guards were used as bait.

Four days after the "Bright" experiment, the four security guards attempted to escape the asylum. In their attempt, the scientists released hordes of infected to prevent an escape. The security guards managed to find a way out and hijacked a boat. Making their way to the mainland, bringing the infection with them. While they were locked in the water asylum, they learned of a skyscraper, dedicated to testing even more powerful, more advanced virus?. They infiltrated the skyscraper to find answers, they escaped in a firey blaze, releasing the infection to the city nearby. As a blizzard closes in on the city, so does hundreds of infected.

That was the first version of Deathclonics story of zombie city. Its purpose is to connect multiple maps Paraleyes is working on. Here's the features as well as developer updates.

- Story / objective based.
- Map is customizable:
    * Story mode, survival mode (like classic)
    * Settings (difficulty, hardcore mode, ...)
- Random placement will be every time you play a new challenge.
- Lot's of buildings (most of them are fully enterable) and barricade-able.
- different types of zombies (fast / slow, weak / strong, normal / special)
- New perks and power ups
- Cut scenes / cinematic
- Doors
    * randomly locked / destroyed
    * destroyable (full damage or shooting hinges)
    * open/closeable and barricade-able
    * different types (wood, metal, special security doors, titan gates)
- Weapons *reloaded*
    * Realistic ammo handling (magazines remember their bullets!)
    * changeable attachments during game (also supports multiple!)
    * deployable weapons  (+ attachments possible)
    * cod4 and black ops weapons
- Stupidness (civilian players aren't well experienced with weapons and other stuff)
    * jamable weapons
    * mg heat
    * forgot to pull the grenade pin
    * longer reload / loose magazine in trouble
- Power (Electrical System)
    * buildings might need power for light, special doors or other electrical stuff
    * stay away from damaged generators
    * electricity can damage *everything*
- Items
    * randomly placed all over the map
    * each round new experience
    * craftable items and tools (this ain't minecraft style!)
- Inventory
    * items / weapons have a weight which effects sprint duration and sprint speed, also jump height
    * backpack support
- Interaction
    * give items / take items
    * heal or support other players / ai

- Class system. (depending on the class you can do different actions, like set up a mg, fireplace, barricades)
- Heal system. (use medical supplies to heal you our teammates and stop the infection by zombies)
- Cold system. (don't be too long outside or you will die)


All pictures are W.I.P. and may be changed in the final release.


3193 days ago


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