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your zombiemode_perks has an issue with it. likely somethings blocking this
		self waittill_any( "fake_death", "death", "player_downed", "weapon_change_complete" );
self perk_give_bottle_end( gun, perk );
782 days ago
back up all working files (such as map, any gsc etc)
make a new mod with the exact same name etc
move all the backup files back in

should fix any broken files
782 days ago
:P     WOW!!!!!!!!!!
I have t4m installed into my WAW ROOT directory, but it still crashes!!
My Bro thinks this is a  :troll:

theres a number of problems you could be having
make sure your game isnt pirated
make sure texture settings are not automatic OR extra
check t4m is properly installed

i really shouldn't need to be dealing with everyone's t4m issues when people cant read the instructions for it
783 days ago
783 days ago
dont know why you needed sound effects and and intro...
but it looks like you just gave them to yourself via console, its not going to work. the stuff to set them up only activates when obtained legit. same goes with monkey bombs and maybe Molotovs (dont use them so not sure)

buy them and see if it still happens, if it does your probably not having the script added somewhere
784 days ago
just use your own image and skip the sound part
785 days ago
Game won't load the newer Saloon at all. It just turns black and crashes. Any fix?
read the OP ffs... t4m
790 days ago
just wanna say, if using some kind of script placer it may have made a new main menu for the mod, if this is the case you should be editing that file instead. if so it should appear as your in the ui folder
790 days ago
everything i can see leads to t4m not working, make sure you have it correctly
796 days ago
unless you forgot a link, you made this in the wrong section
796 days ago
update since last post, minor more details and new weapons added. most of my time since last updates has been model porting and script improvements so not too much to show. but this did include fx related stuff and sounds.
also snow is now a thing

sickle (melee weapon)




797 days ago
this is a modification to the base perks script that allows people to do multiple things easier, this includes:
-easy to add custom perks
-built in perk slots (per player and global)
-automatically detects any perks in the map ran (no need to add level variables)
-changes functions to allow perks to be customized with 1 line each (price, model, sounds, bottle weapon etc)

first of all, back up your original perks script (in case something goes wrong or you want to revert back)

go to bo1 raw/maps and find _zombiemode_perks.gsc and make a copy of it, rename to whatever you want (e.g. _zombiemode_perks_old.gsc)

now open the original and delete EVERYTHING and replace it with this:

save the file and that's pretty much it, now i'll go over how to use any additions (these are also listed in the file)

adding a perk WITH a specific specialty used by the game
around line 113 you should see some lines like this:
	level thread add_perk("vending_jugg", "specialty_armorvest", "jugger_light", "zombie_vending_jugg_on", 2500, undefined, &"ZOMBIE_PERK_JUGGERNAUT", "specialty_juggernaut_zombies", "zombie_perk_bottle_jugg", "mx_jugger_sting", undefined);
this is what adds juggernog specifically to the map/mod, there's one of these for each perk native to the game (including dlc)
to add a new perk your going to copy that line and place it under them. now we're going to change it, heres what each part of that line means (also listed in the file if you forget)

add_perk( vending_machine, specialty, light_fx, machine_change, cost, perk_name, perk_name_actual, shader, bottle_weapon, short_jingle, function);
vending_machine - targetname on machine
specialty - trigger specialty (script_noteworthy)
light_fx - name of fx used for machine (level._effect[ -> light_fx <- ]) e.g. "zombie_vending_jugg_on"
machine_change - name of model to change to when powers on (CAN leave undefined if none)
cost - cost of the perk (should be a whole number e.g. 2500 )
perk_name - string of perks name e.g. "Deadshot Daquari" (leave undefined if string is already made e.g. &"ZOMBIE_PERK_JUGGERNAUT")
perk_name_actual - use this if above is undefined ONLY! should be used if string exists e.g. "ZOMBIE_PERK_JUGGERNAUT"
shader - name of icon to show up in game e.g. "specialty_juggernaut_zombies"
bottle_weapon - name of bottle used when drinking e.g. "zombie_perk_bottle_jugg"
short_jingle - name of jingle to play upon purchase e.g. "mx_jugger_sting"
function - threaded fuction that will only play if perk exists e.g. ::my_fuction

adding a perk WITHOUT a specific specialty used by the game
this is pretty much the exact same as the above, except you WILL NOT need a specific specialty, i can be literally anything you can think of, like "specialty_a_custom_perk" only thing is each perk needs a unique one, can even be as simple as "specialty_perk1" and "specialty_perk2"
when adding, use
add_custom_perk( vending_machine, specialty, light_fx, machine_change, cost, perk_name, perk_name_actual, shader, bottle_weapon, short_jingle, function);
when using this however you will need to use different ways of checking the perk, such as finding if the player has it, for giving it and removing it by special means. these are also listed in the file but here they are again
HasPerk( specialty_NAME )		-|-	will become	-|-		maps\_zombiemode_perks::HasCustomPerk( specialty_NAME )
UnsetPerk( specialty_NAME ) -|- will become -|- maps\_zombiemode_perks::UnsetCustomPerk( specialty_NAME )
SetPerk( specialty_NAME ) -|- will become -|- maps\_zombiemode_perks::SetCustomPerk( specialty_NAME )

some small extra stuff for this are as follows
extra fuctions for custom specialty perks
maps\_zombiemode_perks::IsCustomPerk( specialty_NAME ) - returns true if specialty is listed as a custom specialty
maps\_zombiemode_perks::CreateCustomPerk( specialty_NAME ) - shouldnt be needed, but this will create a custom specialty (add_custom_perk() will automaticly use this)
maps\_zombiemode_perks::HasThePerk( specialty_NAME ) - finds out if player has that perk as custom or normal (it will find out if its custom or normal for you)

now on to some small extras
changing perk slots
per player you will need to call

on a player, this gives 1 perk slot. if you want to add more just call it as many times as you wish
to change the base perk slot amount change
	level.perk_limit = 4;	//change to be perk limit for all players

to however many you want, should be at line 28

custom perk fuctions
this already includes 2 custom perks i have made, use them if you want but you may need to edit if you do. these will not come with any models or shaders, you will need to make your own
this is pretty much the double damge doubletap 2.0 uses, if you would like this to be doubletap 2.0 instead you can change
tufbrew_func( mod, hit_location, hit_origin, player, amount )
if(player HasThePerk("specialty_bulletdamage") && ( mod == "MOD_RIFLE_BULLET" || mod == "MOD_PISTOL_BULLET" ) )
if(amount >=
player maps\_zombiemode_score::player_add_points( "death", mod, hit_location, self.isdog );
self DoDamage( amount, player.origin );
return false;

tufbrew_func( mod, hit_location, hit_origin, player, amount )
if(player HasThePerk("specialty_rof") && ( mod == "MOD_RIFLE_BULLET" || mod == "MOD_PISTOL_BULLET" ) )
if(amount >=
player maps\_zombiemode_score::player_add_points( "death", mod, hit_location, self.isdog );
self DoDamage( amount, player.origin );
return false;

this should be around line 1738

this perk lets each gun have 2 more clips of ammo
this one will require a LOT of editing. if you want to get it to work uncomment line 129, should look like
	level thread candolier();	//bandolier perk, 2 extra clips of ammo for each gun, add to weapon files of each gun

and now you will need to go to EVERY gun you are going to use and change the maxammo and startammo to be 2 clips higher than it should be, and how the script will work is WITHOUT the perk it detects if the player has any ammo from these 2 extra clips, and if so remove them, with it, it will ignore the extra ammo and let the player take it. its important that all guns do this cause it will not skip over the guns you dont use this on. this is why it is commented out by default

if used please credit, if you have any trouble reply here and i'll answer if i can
799 days ago
sounds like t4m is NOT installed correctly
799 days ago
it can go in mapname, call
level thread Kill_trigger();

	level thread DLC3_threadCalls2();

and in radiant have a trigger_multiple with the targetname


and with the adjustment i made you can have as many of these as you want
800 days ago


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