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Messages - death_reaper0

the mapname file of each map usually has them
6 years ago
i have actually recently returned from being out of the country so sadly not much progress has been made, i will start back on this within the next couple days. while gone ive been thinking of improvements for this i hope i can put into action
6 years ago
as far as im aware it all works the same as waw when i comes to that stuff. not sure with colours as ive never done those yet, but probably works fine. i think the only difference is the function called to create the hudelm but tbh i dont remember. been away for a while
6 years ago
Code Snippet
		self random_tan(); 
in _zombiemode_spawner.gsc, this is probbably what you mean, if you wanna remove it add // before it
6 years ago
you cant really, best way is build from raw which stops the people that doesnt know how to open fastfiles, but you always can open those with other programs
6 years ago
How do you remove anti cheat?

It wasn't anti cheat breaking my game, it was a mod menu I forgot I had installed. To fix my problem, I just simply replaced the common.ff with a brand new fresh one.

So if anyone is getting the error listed on the 1st page, then try replacing your common.ff with a new one.

Also, this mod pack is really fun, you, the team, whoever all was involved really did a great job!
just wanna say, anticheat actually doesnt do anything to stop mod menus, just they use files ive modified so its trying to use stuff that doesn't exist anymore
6 years ago
Monkey Bombs doesn't work for me on any map, also im using t4m
yes i am aware and know why, and even fixed it. im holding off til another update for it though as i have a lot of script changes that are not entirely ready but they change a lot of my additions, there are quite a few not working fully so i cant update it yet
6 years ago
also this guy has 2 posts, someone had to approve this?
6 years ago
i love your maps reaper, and i try to play all of them, but the sound bug on saloon map for retrieving the part for the Remington. I can't hear anything, no shooting sound, no reload, no zombies coming near me. I have to force quit the game.

I already tried uninstalling the mod and reinstalling it. It didn't work

My friend and I were going to do the ee on that map but i stopped playing it since that mute sound bug even though my settings for the sound were not changed after shooting the part from the belltower.

The only map of the map pack I rarely play because of the sound bug :(
i have no idea what could cause this, theres nothing affecting sound in that bit, my suggestion is muting sound during that and then turning it back on after and see if that does anything, otherwise play around with sound settings or try headphones or something. ive never experienced this personally so i dont really know what it could be
6 years ago
file has more { than it has }
thats basically it
6 years ago
Is there a possibility of having more weapons in the future? Not just variants but standard weapons too? This gunsmith just seems so well implemented that not having a butt-ton of weapons feels like its missing out. Other than that, cools map, love the gumball system, and especially the variants, since they make sense are is legitimately cool to use keys from my games.
a lot of people dont realise this, but waw has a weapon limit of 128, you may think thats a lot but every version of a wepon uses one (eg paped and non paped) as well as any equiptment, grendades perk bottle drinks pap knuckle crack etc, so im very near the limit for this, i leave room for level specific weapons such as wonder weapons. bottom line, i cant add more weapons without removing some
6 years ago
should be the same as the spider model you made
6 years ago
your HitBoxModel is not set up right, the one you chose is for a default player sized model
6 years ago
its not part of code, its in the weapon file, i think its under impact type
6 years ago
i thought if the bottle doesnt exist it just uses a default weapon, unless thats a different cod
6 years ago
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