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Messages - d-2-k

(dude that's freekin awesome) just really want to do the same with the shield i have a shield buildable  already  but no hud or fx, the sounds i got with the script from uptown but its a lot more simpler than the one you done and doesn't have fx or random spawn locations tbh its taken me so long just to learn how to use the tools for mapping as i never done any of this b4 black ops 3 radiant, then came across this site and modme and everyone both here and there are so helpful they were throwing prefabs up  with easy to follow drag n drops  so i guess i just assumed thats how it was done BOY was i wrong in my 40's now the only code i ever learned was way back on the Commadore and Amstrad days

example: 10 print you cant script for shit
              20 goto 10


but thanks for pointing me to the docs_modtools ill have a look over it when i get peace and quite l8r tonight (ah the joys of parenthood)

thanks again Archaicvirus
7 years ago
Dude this is epic worked flawlessly wish i could understand all the code and hints to do the same with the shield ive read over everything about 20 times my eyes glaze over my brain melts so bloody frustrating i guess its true what they say cant teach an old dog new tricks lol    :derp:
7 years ago
not sure myself here however a navmesh is a trigger (according to radiant), I think the  reply that AllOutWar  gave he ment a navvolume I'm having the exact same issue they walk up the stairs but as soon as i walk onto lvl 2 they do the confused animation i can coax them onto it by letting them hit me they stumble onto lvl 2 and follow me no problem but they just wont go from stairs to lvl 2 them self's I've not set up separate nav volumes for each area just yet im using 1 large covering my whole map i want to  get all the bugs worked out before i start making zones with individual nav volumes

any help from an expert would be much appreciated   :D :D
7 years ago
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