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Messages - Ping998

Of course, should've seen this coming.

Minecraft maps in BO3.

 :please: :alone:

Looks good gg.
8 years ago
If you made a map for WaW, simply open your WaW map in the WaW radiant then press the " I " button then got to File > Save Selected and save your new prefab in your BO3 map_source/prefabs folder.

Now open up BO3 radiant and open the prefab browser, then simply drag/drop the prefab!
8 years ago
Do you mean when you are selecting the map from the in-game map list?
If so the name is exactly what you named it in the steam workshop.
And the mission briefing is the description you put in the steam workshop.

Same goes for the picture.

Thank you! Was just wondering if it was inside the scripts like back in WaW XD
8 years ago
Just wondering how you actually change the display name of the map and the mission brief text?

I know Wakka and Madgaz managed to do it, any suggestions?

- Ping
8 years ago

A BO3 custom zombie map by Ping998

Mission Brief
Humanity's last battle against the unrelenting demons of hell. Take control of the gateway, and send them back to where they came from!

Confirmed Features:
- Tower Defence Gameplay (If you've played Alien Defense, you'll know...)
- Warning messages to tell you where the zombies are coming from
- Buyable Ending
- No Dogs
- Power on at the start
- No Powerups
- Doors
- Perks: Deadshot, Staminup, Widow's Wine, Mule Kick, Speed Cola, Double Tap 2.0
- Pack-A-Punch
- Some weapon wall-buys
UPDATE 8/10/16:
- Customised box loadout (e.g. KN-44 in the box)
- Intense detailing  :accepted:
- Zombie Counter (Fancy)
- Trip Mines
- Flickering/Glowing Lighting
- Amazing FX

This is my first BO3 custom zombie map, so I'm still learning the new tools. I realised the popularity of Alien Defense due to its uniqueness and have decided to implement that sytle into BO3! (Also it creates more variety in the custom box- I mean maps, that are in the workshop currently)

Hope you will all enjoy this one! Leave any suggestions down below!

Thank you,

Ping998, out.

8 years ago
No prob! Don't worry you'll get used to making stupid mistakes!  :D

Haha yeah, from mapping for 3 years I should've known how a light works XD
8 years ago
I did just about the same thing yesterday. I noticed that I accidentally put in build_lights instead just "lights". That fixed the problem for me.

That worked! Thanks so much (I'm an idiot lol)
8 years ago
For some reason, when I place the bright red light I want in my BO3 map it works in the camera view but when I go to load it in-game, it doesn't appear?

Any suggestions? (I originally posted this in the WaW section, sorry, got confused)
8 years ago
For some reason, when I place the bright red light I want in my map it works in the camera view but when I go to load it in-game, it doesn't appear?

Any suggestions?
8 years ago
I was wondering, how do you actually make the zombies go to a certain point at the start of a game?

I have no clue. Any help would be appreciated!
8 years ago
Turn your anti-aliasing off and some of the settings down and it should be fine
8 years ago
Just as a simple idea, it would be nice if there were some themes or colours that you could change for the site individually (for example, I'm not exactly fond of the blue theme used here, I'd prefer it to be red instead).

Would that be able to work?
8 years ago
And the rest around the "large" map, that are on the side with the pillows super glued to the bed

8 years ago
Looks good, will try later!  :D
8 years ago
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