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(Update 8/8/16)

So I have got a lot of stuff done in the past two weeks. First I completed 95% of the mapping which is a very good but when that is almost I still have more to do so that what this update going to detail and to see if anyone can help or point me in the right direction and update pictures.

What I been working on

Custom Characters (Voice Actors & Custom Models)
So I'm making this into a story sort of so I'm using a new bunch of characters and I been doing voice work for my character but I need more peeps who want so if you see this and voice act contact me or watch the video where I explain better (4 guys and 3girls).I this also mean I need custom character model ans Idk how to (and I did try to do them myself so don't comment that) so if anyone can do it for me or teach me one on one so I don't have to ask anymore i'll appreciate it.

Custom Shaders
I made my know shaders for this map, it's a sci-fi / lab type shaders. Let me know if you guys like them and/or I should release them to here.

New Pictures   :rainbow:

1504 days ago
(Update 7/25/16/)

Ok so I been busy so I haven't has the time to update this topic so here what going on

1st Today my birthday so (just putting it out there)

2nd I added a lot of Blackops 1, 2 and some of 3 (the kuda) weapons, finally got harrysbo21 perk working but this is the old version without the widows wine.

3rd I remembered people have told me that I need more textures so I looked far and wide to find more textures so that going to be fun

4th Last thing I don't know when im updating this so the pictures here might be different then the final product.

In radiant

In Game

1519 days ago
(Yes i'm back again)

So I have a couple of announcements to make

Since I had to re-format my computer I have to make the map by scratch again
but can now collaborate on the reviews I read for my map so yay :D

and 2.
I'm going to show my progress on here and on my youtube channel some times so  :poker:

Now since that's done let's show the progress so far


I have added the following

Harry'sbo21 Perks
Color Zombie Counter
Custom Guns
Custom Announcer(again)
Hidden Song
and more...

Now the only problem I have for the map is the custom character models I want, Custom guns I can't put in because since I have harry's perks when I put in custom guns it gives me the fx 400 limit when I haven't use any custom fx of them, and Voice Actor I need for the characters (yes there a story now) other then these things everything else been smooth

1570 days ago

Download link:
This is the beta of the first map of my zombie series.
I released so I can get most of the bugs that I can't find you guys can find.

Map Features
Bonus Points Powerup
Kino Style Teleporter
Five Zombies
Custom Announcer
Custom Weapons (COD4, BO1, MW2, BO2, MW3)
Custom Character Models
3 Trig Easter Egg Song
Blackops Perks
Custom Shaders (Perks & Powerups)
Custom HUD (AW Exo Zombies)
Zombie Counter
Sharable Box
Normal and Sprinters

Death_reaper0 (Bonus Points Script, 3 Trig EE Song)
JBird632 (AW Blood Splatter and Generator Model)
Bamskater33 (Blackops & Electric Cherry, Adding Sounds Tut)
MakeCents (Communal Box)
Me (Custom Camo , The Announer, Perk and Powerup Shaders, EE Song)

The Next Map After This is...
Survival: The Beginning

Thanks For Playing/Testing
1675 days ago
hey Jbird can you give out the five computers if you have them
1760 days ago
im pulling out of the contest but will re enter with a different idea
1890 days ago
I'm keeping the project off for a couple days because im working on my main storyline maps so I should have a updated by next week
1897 days ago
how can you edit your topic or you have to make a new one?(for the WIP to update peeps)

Double Post Merge: July 02, 2015, 04:37:38 am
how can you edit your topic or you have to make a new one?(for the WIP to update peeps)

1908 days ago
so i worked on this since i saw the contest and here the things I'm telling and showing

World At War
Blackops(but IDK how to so if someone can tell me i'll do it)

Blackops Style
Custom Perk(?)

Easter Egg (but IDK how to so if someone can tell me i'll do it)

Treaser Image #!(This isn't done just a color outline)

Sorry nobody can't come in the movies
... yet   :troll: :troll: :poker:
1910 days ago
What the New Contest Entries Section
1910 days ago
do you have to use the UGX Mod
1910 days ago


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