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You know what it probably is. Do you have UGX Weapon Editor?
1228 days ago
did you add the image in your map?
1228 days ago
Did you add the xmodels in your mod.csv? ex: xmodel,name_of_model
1228 days ago
Yes I know I have a WIP of this map under a slightly different name but this is the absolute last time I'm redoing this god forsaking map. With that said let show off what I got.

Storyline (So Far)
[Not finished yet]

Screenshots 5/12/17
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Added Features
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Features Added Soon
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Update 9/18/17 [Week 1]

I know its been a long time but it's time for the update. And no I wasn't dicking around for 4 months. Special thanks to IamTIMMEHHH for working on the outside, detailing and assets. Now I have been waiting for him to finish so I could do this update for the topic and also been finding voice actors, working on storyboarding, rigging character models and etc.

Added Features
Blood Spatter Effect
New Character Voice/Announcer
Kino Teleporter
Custom Weapons
Blood Money
Bam's BO1 Perk System
3 Trigger Song EE

Future Features
Soul "Box"
Buyable Ending
Rigged Character/Zombie Models
More Character Voice/Announcer Quotes
New Hud (Poll Above)

Now the moment you wanna see


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Another update will be next week

Final Public Update [10/15/17]
First off sorry for not doing the update sooner but life and other things got me to forget to update this topic but heyyyy. Nevertheless, this will be the final update to you guys senses I don't wanna spoil too much and I want to keep it on the down low. I made a video dealing some stuff about the map but I'll still type whats new and known bugs below this video.

New Features
Black Ops Hud
New Font
New Main Menu Music
New Character Audio (Player 2)
New Weapons (MP7 & PPSH-41)
BO3 Moon Round Music
more features to be added ...

Known Bugs
One barrier had a zombie that will spawn and stay confused.
Dogs will spawn in areas not unlocked yet.
The zombie counter will mess up around round 16 (because of dogs spawning with )
When Takeo/Sarah (Player 3) if you buy the MK14 you will get an error.

Apply for the beta in order to play.

See ya when I publicly release the map


Voice Actors
GeekeTV (Computer Announcer)
Michael Warke (Dr. Dravis)
DSKristoff (Extra)
Icysnowseal (Isabella)
BashTheOutcast (Marcus Smith)
Ariachiba (Rosemary Parker)
Cassandra Bradford (Sarah Jay)
Nathan J Banks (Sebastian Denis)
1230 days ago
Found both those things out on 8th December, but cheers.

Do you still have that file? I need it
1279 days ago
There a serect Ray Gun in the game besides I don't how to get Ray Gun MK3
1339 days ago
So I have to way problem with the New/Last Version of Harry's Perk and I forgot to save the ones I downloaded before reformatting my pc so if anyone have the 5.0.0, 4.0.7 or 3.0.7 versions contract me plz asap
1340 days ago
I can't because I reset my computer but in the PPSH World i'll try to make a option starting pistol
1347 days ago
Got a duplicate bone error but I think I can fix that thank you

Double Post Merge: November 24, 2016, 05:45:27 pm
ok i don't know how to fix it any help lol
1399 days ago
So I'm new at rigging character models and I sucessfully export it but when I get in game it looks like this

Please Help ASAP
1399 days ago
So I been working on this map for about a month and a half and for a week the zombies don't come up to the barriers even when I replace the zombies and re pathnode my map just to see if it fix it and it didn't
1438 days ago
in console type map themapname
1443 days ago
I see you finally release the map but where my credit for help test co-op stuff nah i'm just playing great map
1443 days ago
man the map is so buggy its not insta kill with a knife on round 1 and sometimes the ppsh dont spawn when i buy it you need to patch this stuff

I been busy with other stuff so i'll update this weekend plus the zombies are twice as strong as normal zombies

Double Post Merge: October 07, 2016, 11:23:27 am
I have 2 problems with this map:
When a zombie hit me, there is lag for a couple of seconds.
And when i buy the PPSH, i don't take it.

That only happen when you restart and I that happens with harry'sbo21 5.0.0 perks so I'll replace them with the updated verison
1447 days ago


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