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I have been having a blast with this map, already found the three plant ee song. Found bunker A & B locks (Can't find C to save my life) and some other stuff I don't wanna spoil anything. Good job on this map hopefully I'll beat the ee.
1042 days ago
I understand that panzers, when you're basically defenseless, are bad but that's part of the challenge. Believe it or not but I had the panzers spawn at round five than seven, it was only when my friend and I played it that he said that round five was overkill (which it is). Also if you get the right weapons panzers become just footnote anyways.
1046 days ago
I appreciate the feedback and yeah I can see how boring some of the areas are. I'll probably add more detail if I'm not lazy, as for the stairs I made it big because last time it was too tight plus it easier to get over zombies when you get trapped in the stairs. Again thanks for the feedback and I'll take this into consideration as I'm working on the extra content and stuff.
1046 days ago
  Needs T4M



After surviving/escaping New York our four characters now find themselves in strange Laboratory, where the start of curing the world of the zombie apocalypse begins.


Media Fire

Google Drive



Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Public Assets/Tutorials
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

The Crew
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

If I missed anyone, please dm me or comment it below

Known Bugs
One barrier had a zombie that will spawn and stay confused.
Dogs will spawn in an area not unlocked yet.
The zombie counter will mess up around round 16 (because of dogs spawning with )
When Takeo/Sarah if you buy the MK14 you will get an error.


PSA From BashTheOutcast

First of all, I am so happy to be finally finishing/moving on from this map. I have been messing around with this map for almost two years, from building it and tearing apart multiple times to releasing an open beta last year (which I hate), making this map have made me and better modder despite the stress it caused. Now that it complete I can move on to other projects. However, I will be doing a mega update for the map that includes: Updated Weapons List, Character/Zombie Models, A easter egg for the map and Most (if not all) bugs fixed. Anyway thanks to everyone who helped/ believed in me and the project and hope you enjoy. Also please credit me as BashTheOutcast and not Bashmoney100 if making a video.

1050 days ago
Yes I know I have a WIP of this map under a slightly different name but this is the absolute last time I'm redoing this god forsaking map. With that said let show off what I got.

Storyline (So Far)
[Not finished yet]

Screenshots 5/12/17
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Added Features
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Features Added Soon
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Update 9/18/17 [Week 1]

I know its been a long time but it's time for the update. And no I wasn't dicking along for 4 months. Special thanks to IamTIMMEHHH for working on the outside, detailing and assets. Now I have been waiting for him to finish so I could do this update for the topic and also been finding voice actors, working on storyboarding, rigging character models and etc.

Added Features
Blood Spatter Effect
New Character Voice/Announcer
Kino Teleporter
Custom Weapons
Blood Money
Bam's BO1 Perk System
3 Trigger Song EE

Future Features
Soul "Box"
Buyable Ending
Rigged Character/Zombie Models
More Character Voice/Announcer Quotes
New Hud (Poll Above)

Now the moment you wanna see


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Another update will be next week
1098 days ago
Shame on you

Umm no I said other people, I don't do it.
1128 days ago
There are a couple of tuts on UGX and Zombiemodding for perk drop and for the pap drop you could do what others do you go to a map with it and open up the IWD file
1128 days ago
So I have Harrybo21's old perks and in his scripts, it doesn't a count for quotes for box/wall weapons, pap waiting and getting a pap weapon and I've been trying but can't figure it out. And oh_shit quotes don't play either but that doesn't have to do with harry's perks because it wasn't playing before I install them. Any help is appreciated.
1184 days ago
why would t4m have anything to do with the map looking like a pair of boxes?

Weapons, Panzer, and the other fx's  :P
1187 days ago
I can not wait until I can play this map but if it is released do you need t4m?

Yes there T4M for the map

Double Post Merge: June 22, 2017, 09:54:25 pm
a little BOXY by the looks of it

Lol, really? didn't notice.
1187 days ago
1187 days ago
I don't mod waw anymore, but bad syntax is pretty simple. It's probably going to be a missing or extra }

yeah it was a else then when deleted it I got a bad syntax again but with a { instead of the else so idk what to do at this point
1190 days ago
When I add in the script for randomizing players I get a bad syntax error. Any help?
1190 days ago
Well Idk here I made a video on custom camos for custom guns skim through the video if it helps
1226 days ago


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