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Well in that case what JBird said, model_export isn't there.
The error is just saying that it cannot find your xmodel export file. Make sure you actually put the file in that directory.

Now I feel stupid. I had this problem ages ago just didn't recognise it now.  :facepalm:

Anyway, thanks for the help. Appreciated :D
1688 days ago
I gave this challenge a crack, I was on the Raygun MK2 then literally 2 gun advancements dropped, a terminator and points multiplier. Soon followed by invulnerability. I was spamming the scavenger then my invulnerability ran out and I died :alone:

1689 days ago

Whenever I try to convert a MW2 model it doesn't work, and shows that error. The files are where they should be, everything is perfect (at least I think). I was able to convert 20 models then this error appeared, and it appears on every model (except the one I have already converted).
All help is appreciated :)
1689 days ago
Thank you :D

1690 days ago
no, because it passed in the 2nd week of the Finals XD

It's bullshit! We should of won! :fuuu:

(Sorry for going off topic, (we are talking about rugby BTW))
1691 days ago
annoying orange who thinks he's blue

I think you have mistaken me for HitmanVere :troll:
1691 days ago
Not sure if this happens to anyone else as well but there are also times when I automatically start diving-to-prone (without me having to press the Crouch button or whatever button you use to do it) when I get surrounded by a bunch of zombies.

Never heard if that bug ??? Possible just your keyboard, might be faulty
1691 days ago
GG, 23 perks. That a record or something?
1691 days ago

1691 days ago
Nice! I always loved the map, gonna show this to my mate who will undoubtedly love it :)
1692 days ago
Will all maps released for the upcoming contest include ugx 1.1?

No they won't :)
1692 days ago
G'day mate, I am Australian and would love to have a game or two with any Aussie/ Kiwi (depending on the map of course). Feel free to hit me up on Skype for a game, my skype is andywhelan3

And Welcome to the UGX Mods Forum, I hope you enjoy it here mate. And pop in to the UGX Chat room whenever and say hi :)
1693 days ago
This is one of the many reasons why WaW modding will last for ages. The hard work and time put in this map and mod really brings new cards to the table.

 Congratulations on final release, and congratulations to the entire UGX Mods Team and community members of making WaW worth modding.
1693 days ago


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