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Well, its trying to find nazi_zombie_mapname rather than your maps .d3 file, maybe copy your maps .d3 file and try again? And btw, we can still see your mapname at bottom of Launcher :P

Kek, GG to me.
Ill give it a try, I'll report back in if it works


So I realised that the MAPNAME.csv was calling the wrong scripts and shizzle because I didn't rename them.
Cheers for the help Hitman :D
1672 days ago
Basically, I was just adding Harry Bo21s perks, got a 400 fx error, tried fixing, got a memory limit error, fixed it but got stuck with the 400fx error again. Tried using Makecents 400fx fix, then got this error
All help is appreciated.

(The blocked out red bits in the image are just the nazi_zombie_mapname, I have it blocked because it is a project I'm working on privately with someone)

1673 days ago
I see no difference between that and a bus

The only reason either is a issue is the inability to get to your mates when they need reviving. Which is solely because i have met a "co-operative" player in about 3 years now...

literally no one will work together, no one will stay together and no one will follow a joint strategy

co-op on zombies has just become multiplayer solo imo  :D

Well, hopefully the train will be fast, and multiple of them. And that there is 8 player zombies for the bigger maps maybe
1677 days ago
I heard SoE has a metro station with a moving train. That might make up for it.

A train would be sick!

Also, again, I really want Shangri La to be remade. Imagine how dope it would look on the the next gen consoles with the better graphics! But hopefully they don't give a super future look sorta like NUK3TOWN
1677 days ago
Apparently Shadows of Evil is bigger than Tranzit.

Oh lord... the gameplay better be really god then lol.


you could teleport - instant


take the bus - takes 2 and a half minutes to circle the entire map


take one of the 2 shortcuts


Good point lol
But teleporting took us to the opposite places of where we wanted to go, bad luck I guess. And bus was always where we weren't, and 2 shortcuts ??? I only know of the dinner to town one
1677 days ago
you and andy are literally obsessed with the fact your australian i swear  :D

Would this be a bad time to start sing the national anthem?
1677 days ago
Fuck 4 maps only, i want all the maps  :please:

Even Tranzit? The map was so big, it made it boring. I hate it now because Jiffy and I took literally 2+ hours just completing the EE because of needing to run back and forth everywhere lol
1677 days ago
1. Shangri-La. It just looked FUCKING AMAZING! Imagine it revamped :rainbow:
2. Call of the Dead. So much fun and replayability.
3. Mob of the Dead. Just a really awesome look, and fun gameplay. It was an interesting nod to the mobster era.
4. Origins. Same as above, really loved how it played, the flow was amazing!
1678 days ago
BeCaUsE i WaNt It NoW!!!!111!!!

Get back in your cage Jiffy!
1678 days ago
HYPE! Congrats on release :D
1678 days ago
Hey man u can release the map and then u can release updates for it or do a beta. In my opinion do the beta. Otherwise very sexy map.

Why not be patient and wait for the official map?
1678 days ago
Also, dunno what to do after "Fire now burns" hintstring down at the table. Circle of fire appears which says "Event Horizon, the point of no return" but I can't even guess what does that mean. Any help?

Hint: Throw something special in it (can be found in the Trap cabinet)
1679 days ago
This map will be quite the birthday treat, really excited for this :D Looks beautiful
1679 days ago
If you like Open World Shooter, apocalyptic games, you may like the FALLOUT series
One of the greatest games (along with Skyrim). I have played countless hours on it.
1679 days ago
He need to make a map that fucking work the lever for power after me playing 20 game as yet to spawn what the fuck

Are you sure you search everywhere? lol

Did you check by a tree next to the house and double tap?
1679 days ago


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