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different to how i thought they would go, but what Andy posted looks quite likely

Hopefully theres still some stuff left to discover, like hints of foreshadowing and stuff

this also means that we just sorta left things fucked in our previous travels. lol well bye bye Marlton and pals, your adventure was literally for zip all, we shall just move on to the next dimension and save that, good luck guys!

Shit and boring characters, don't think anyone will even care lol
1732 days ago
If so, i would theorize that maybe some future maps will actually be set during their travels to "get" back to Der Riese for The Giant

I doubt it TBH, I found quite an intresting read on the wiki about The Giant though. Sounds like the characters are losing theirs minds so some bad stuff is about to go down.
Here is the article -

Following their battle against the undead outbreak in the excavation site in France, the three Allied soldiers: Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki, along with Richtofen, arrived in Agartha and learned from Samantha Maxis about the state of her universe. Richtofen then set out to change the future by traveling to different dimensions and killing his other selves, despite the others not wanting him to alter the other timelines' established history. After several attempts, they arrive in another timeline, in the Der Riese facility, only moments after Samantha and her father, Doctor Ludvig Maxis, were teleported away by this timeline's Richtofen. Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo attempt to convince this Richtofen to follow his plans and awaken their other selves, but are interrupted by the Origins timeline's Richtofen, who appear out of a teleporter, and kill his other self. The four then find themselves fending off the zombie horde one more time. As the fight goes on, the characters find themselves affected by Element 115, and their personalities begin to mix with those of their original counterparts: Dempsey becomes more aggressive and loud-mouthed, Nikolai talks about drinking more often, Takeo constantly speaks of his honor and his loyalty to the Emperor of Japan, while Richtofen shows signs of hearing voices and going insane. They also discover hidden radio recordings of Dr. Maxis, as well as other alternate versions of Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo.

Source -
1732 days ago

 :ok: Guess I gotta go  :'(

And Scob got it 100% right
1732 days ago
Fallout sounds like Dead Island? Is it cooperative like Dead Island? I was under the impression it was a single player game.

It is a single player game, no co-op but is still believable fun. And Dead Island isn't really something to compare it to
1733 days ago
Hands down, The Predator! Fucking Arnie man, absolute legend! Also most of his movie because... well... you know, he is Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger!
1734 days ago
I have never played any of the Fallout series. Are they similar Black Ops, and are they as fun?

Fallout is completely different from Black Ops in almost every aspect. Fallout is an open world survivalist kinda game, search it up and read/ watch some stuff.
1734 days ago
you mean a Barra mate :lol:

And once again, we Australians win!

Hyped for release himtin, been waiting too long lol
1735 days ago
Quake 3.

Project Contamination: Awakening
1736 days ago
As we are all here to mod a 8 + year old game anyway , BO3 may be days for you but for me it will probably be years  :) . Each to their own , considering F4 is a single player game only personally i would never play it . When i was saying "long run" i meant more than 3- 4 weeks :D ( more like 3 - 4 years )

I think games are turned over too fast these days , where more time and effort put into less more quality games would be a better way around it. Simple fact is most games are designed around how to profit rather than how to play well. Seems only a few weeks go by before another mainstream 80 % movie 20 % gameplay offer is shoved down our neck.

There are as many if not more people who simply watch games on youtube rather than playing themselves , they watch it for the entertainment and commentary , and have little interest in actually playing the game .

I was unaware of fallout 4 having mod tools tho so that would change my first response for longevity of the game F4 . And of the mod tools are compatible with console and PC then that is a step in the right direction, i can only hope ( If BO3 has tools ) that they are playable on console , for cross platform co op play and also wider audiences of maps.

I am surprised you say 3 - 4 weeks of black ops 3 when i am sure you will enjoy the custom maps it may offer too Andy.

I type a lot when tired for some reason but i think is all good :D

Lol, I actaully forgot to consider that custom maps would add extra hours lol (GG to me). But still, modtools final release wont be for a while so to the OP, get Fallout 4 then earn money for BO3
1738 days ago
In the long run black ops 3 will be a better choice with upcoming dlc maps and possible mod tools.

OMG xDDDDDD Fallout 4 has auto generated quests, a massive story campaign with hundreds of side quests and it is open world. It is getting DLC too and modtools have been confirmed for ages, and that the mods will work on console. So for the long run... fallout 4 will last you multiple weeks before getting old where as BO3 will just be days
1738 days ago
So lucky man. I gotta wait till christmas.

You are not the only one, I have to wait till Christmas to get my PS4
1739 days ago
FALLOUT 4!!!!! BO3 can wait if you are just buying it to play zombies. I reckon get Fallout 4 and keep trying to make that extra dosh to pay for BO3
1739 days ago
Never realised you played Killing Floor Andy ::)

I don't, it was in a map was testing (sorta) for Radi.

And Jbird, looks amazing mate. Cant wait :D
1739 days ago
It's the Chainswaw guy who if shot, goes into a beserker mode

And trust me, you don't wanna do that or else you will be brutally murdered, it happened to me before.
1740 days ago

DOOOOOOPPPPPPPEEEEEE! Can't wait to play release man, looks fucking brilliant :D
1741 days ago


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