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Topics - AlecKeaneDUB

How can I script a zombie spawner to be activated when a player touches a trigger? I only want one zombie to spawn when triggered. Anyone know how I can go about doing this?
7 years ago
How can I make a trigger_damage sensitive to grenades only? They already work but I need it to be triggered ONLY by grenades and no other weapon. Any help? Thanks
7 years ago
Devil's Playground (T4M Required!!)
Hello UGX, this is my first released map, or "re-released" map, I should say. Some of you may remember 114 Cabin, and this is basically my final, completed version of that. If you are new to this map, it hold lots of interesting and fun features to play around with, including the quite amazing UGX Mod v1.1. This map is intended for players looking for a good challenge with a high replay value. This is not a huge map by far, nor is it perfect in any way. This is just a fun change-up that I have been working on for a while to get just right, and want to share with the community. To start off, here's a list of some prime features of the Devil's Playground.
- UGX Mod 1.1:
     - Variety of weapons, including guns from Black Ops 1 & 2, Modern Warfare, and more
     - Custom UGX gamemodes and mutators
     - Custom powerups
     - Custom HUD
     - Custom Perks
     - Custom sounds and FX
     - Custom Mystery Box

- 6 perks
- Custom challenges
- Buildables
- Sharing is Caring

     - Custom perk by UGX
-Custom-made power ups
- Very hard difficulty
- Small map, but challenging to complete alone
- Dynamic difficulty

     - Challenges adjust to player count
- Lots of FX and custom scripts
- Much more for you to discover!

Change log for 1.1.2:
- Fixes to AI pathing
- Added permanent 3-hit down
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Minor lighting fixes

*Note: A new version of this map will be released upon feedback and more work being finished. I want to hear your thoughts, feedback, and constructive criticism. Some new key features coming in v1.2 include:
 - Boss battle ending, endorsed by a hardcore, zombie-slaying soundtrack
 - Secret perk features
 - Randomized pickup locations
 - Updated menu
 - More HUD elements for stat tracking
 - Generic bug fixes and improvements

I know I said before that this map was released at a much earlier state at a much earlier time, but that being said, this is 'technically' my first map, although I have some side projects as well that may or may not be released at some point. I started this map a looooong time ago, probably about 3 or 4 years ago, during which I used my small amount of spare time to learn, test, and play around with mapping and make no mistake by assuming I'm experienced at this. But enough about my skills, here are a couple brief pictures from an earlier version of this map:

Download Link(Mediafire):

UGX Team - UGX Mod 1.1 and all of the wonderful help and support they give us
pcmodder - buyable script
Bluntstuffy - soul chest scripts/anims
thezombiekilla6 - energy conversion script
UGX Forum - help and answers to questions, as well as tutorials on certain subjects
*If I missed anyone, please feel free to let me know and I will be sure to include you
7 years ago
I have a custom perk setup within _zombiemode_perks, but where exactly do I thread and script the function for the perk after you buy it? Can't figue it out and have been searching for hours  :-\
8 years ago
I know there's topics about this somewhere but for some reason I can't find them. I could normally figure this out on my own but my mind is blank right now and I can't think clearly, can anyone help/direct me to a topic?
8 years ago
I was wondering if anyone could give me proper worldspawn settings for a nighttime map, as mine is very dark and looks pretty crappy. Also any input about any custom vision files I could use to give the map nice ambiance and effect? Thanks guys!
8 years ago
Hey wonderful people of UGX! Just thought this quick little tip/tutorial might be appealing to some who are looking to really perfect their map or have some accurate player dialogue. Nothing huge, but let's get started.

Basically what this does is allow you to change a player's voiceovers when getting a specific weapon from one set of quotes to another. You can use this to have a character accurately react to what type/grade of weapon that they get from the mystery box, or maybe off the wall. *example video at bottom of post*

For example:
If a player gambles at the box and they happen to get a Colt .45, the player would most likely react with a quote about what a PoS the gun is. But if they perhaps got a the PPSH or maybe the FG42, they'd probably have something to say about getting ready make it rain brains up in this bitch.

Now keep in mind, all stock WaW weapons already have their correct quotes (although you could still change them if you wanted to), so this will usually apply to custom/ported weapons.
Take a look at this image of zombiemode_weapons.gsc:

The boxed in column shows the name of the vox that it will play. Most people, when adding custom weapons, may just copy the whole line for the Colt, paste it however many times they need, and just change the weapon file name to each custom weapon in their map. Most of the time they don't even bother with "vox_crappy" and just leave it as is (with the exception of experienced members, of course).

- There are 7 stock WaW sets of quotes which include and can be used as:
Code Snippet
"vox_crappy" //used for pistols or low grade weapons a player probably wouldn't want
"vox_shotgun" //used for shotguns
"vox_ppsh" //used for high-damage weapons
"vox_357" //used for high-damage pistols
"vox_mp40" //used for submachine guns
"vox_mg" //used for LMGs
"vox_panzer" //used for launchers/explosive weapons
Now obviously you can use whichever one you would like for whatever weapon, those are just as used in WaW and suggested.
- All you must do is edit the "vox_" to your liking, save your script and rebuild your mod.

That's all there is to it! Hopefully someone may find this helpful even though it's a very minor thing ;)

8 years ago
I know this is probably obvious and a very stupid question, but how do I go about executing a custom cfg file when the map starts? Is there a specific place I should put the file?
8 years ago
I'm using the clip water and it works (splashes and ripples when shot) but it's completely invisible. How can I give it a color? Such as a grayish color or something - kind of like what the water looks like in Necro Forest by Megadeth  :-\
8 years ago
I've installed them EXACTLY how is shown and have done all the steps correctly, but all they do is cause the 400 fx limit error  :-\ I can't use T4M to try to fix this because I have the disk version of the game and I've even tried uncommenting EVERY single fx in the my_ignore file and the error still persists.  :( Due to this, two of my maps have been broken and cannot be developed any further  :'( :-\ Anyone know what I can do??
8 years ago
First Issue:
I added in the four stock perks from Sniperbolt's tutorial prefabs and the machines appear in the map up until the power switch is turned on. Then they disappear but the lights from the machines still appear along with the hintstrings. But when I buy the perk, the bottle drinking anim doesn't show and I'm stuck with one weapon and cannot sprint until I buy a new weapon either from the box or off the wall.

Second Issue:
My map uses the MW3 weapon set and when I spawn, the only way I can get a second gun is if I buy one from the wall. If I use the box before doing that, it just replaces my starting pistol. Why is this? :-\

Can anyone help me with these issues? I'm stumped and feel like they're an easy fix but I'm either overlooking them or just too plain stupid to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any help is appreciated, thanks!  :)
8 years ago
Anyone/where I can get some modern CoD models? Doesn't have to be BO2, but WaW models are so damn boring and ugly, and I really want my map to have a more modern feel to it. WaW also happens to be the only CoD I have on my PC.  :-\ Any suggestions would be helpful, hope this isn't against forum rules. PM me or whatever is necessary please.

Thanks  :)
8 years ago
I'm pretty sure this is a rookie error but my box lid opens the wrong way. I think I've had this problem before but i dont remember how to fix it  :lol:
8 years ago
When compiling, I get this error:

Code Snippet

Linker will now terminate.

Linker summary:

There were 0 warnings and 1 error.

Arguments passed to linker:
  -nopause -language english -moddir nazi_zombie_h_hs nazi_zombie_h_hs

8 years ago
The Outpost v1.2 (beta)

Tonight, I will be adding one or more new perks to the map (definitely electric cherry) and possibly restructuring areas of the map to easy the difficulty. I will also be adding more detail and the new link will be available at some point tomorrow :)

First off, I apologize if this post violates any rules of the WIP section, but I don't know where else to find players interested in helping test my map. This map was released a while ago but I had the DL link removed due to some game-breaking bugs. I now have those resolved and just need some beta testers(solo and co-op) to help me make this map better to be released. This map is seriously. By the way, this is NOTa box map! ;) Admins, please feel free to let me know if I've done anything wrong and edit this post or whatever needs to be done. Additional credits and such will be added upon official release. Just request beta access or PM and you'll receive the link. Thanks! :P

After being stationed at an old abandoned Nazi outpost in Germany, you one day turn on the radio to a very odd, eerie broadcast. Neither can you get in touch with anyone nor find a radio channel with something other than the same broadcast. An event has happened...

The broadcast goes as follows: "For too long, the human race has ignored the signs. Your planet is nearing destruction! Salvation is reserved for those...who pass...the tests. If you survive, an elevated existed awaits. Initiate phase one."

Phase one? You sit at the radio for hours it seems, listening to the endless loop playing over and over again. Wondering what would come of "Phase one". You can now recite the whole speech from memory. After getting frustrated and nervous, you slam your fist on the table and get up to step outside for some fresh air. As you lean against the wall outside, and try to wrap your head around everything that's going on, You hear footsteps coming from behind you, and then a short, raspy grunt. You turn around to see some kind of.....creature....limping towards you. "Uh-m...hey, ar-...are you alright?" You get no answer. After closer inspection from afar, you see maggots covering this....thing. Frightened, you run back inside and sit down right by your trusty M1911. But just then, the creature starts sprinting at you. You tell it to stop or you will shoot, but it does not seem to understand. One pop to the head drops it, but then your hear more groaning from outside. Good thing the Nazis always have an arsenal of weaponry! In an endless fight for your life, you soon discover, in your helpless struggle to escape to anywhere you find, that this isn't just an old outpost...

"No wonder this place was abandoned..."

- Black Ops 1/2 weapons (with only a few stock WaW ones)
- 6 perks (stock + PHD and Mulekick)
- Black Ops 1 PAP camo
- All weapons are Pack-A-Punchable (done by me)
- Many custom features (play to experience them all ;) )
- No dogs
- Black Ops 2 perk/powerup shaders
- Buyable carpenter (comes in handy on solo)
- Buildable, buyable ending
- All PAP guns have a PAP fire sound and a PAP camo (again, done by me)
- Slightly customized main menu (removed a couple options)
- Removed main menu music (as I find it annoying)
- Buyable perk slots for your whole team
- Solo QR (zombies WILL walk away from you when you are downed)
- A small twist on the buyable ending
- 5-hit Juggernog
- Probably more that I forgot

Known bugs:
- For some odd reason, PHD takes the machine model of Stamin-Up. I've tried to fix this, but have been unsuccessful FIXED:)
- Buildable parts must be picked up by order of appearance, not just randomly (they're scripted by me so there ya go, lol) FIXED:)
- There may be a few pathnode issues that I was unable to resolve, but none of which, atleast to my knowledge, are game-breaking
- There was one occurrence of the QR jingle playing when I was on the other side of the map (as if I was standing right next to the machine)
- I'm currently having issues with the PAP fire sounds not working due to missing sound aliases - this WILL be fixed before official release


sevengpluke/Moses/ODX/Rollonmath42 - Halo M6G Magnum
bamskater33 - black ops perks
ZK - Tutorials
Sage One - Tutorials
JR-Imagine - Custom HUD
thezombiekilla6 - Point depositing scripts
daedra descent - help fixing errors
zombie madness - Black Ops 1/2 non-upgraded weapons
pcmodder - buyable carpenter script
Bluntstuffy - soul chest scripts/anims
HitmanVere - Black Ops 1 PAP camo
The UGX Forums Community - for helping me fix any errors I came across :)
TomBMX - Buyable ending script
It's original creator - zombie counter

How fast can you escape?
How fast can you escape solo?

...Can you escape at all?
8 years ago
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