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December 01, 2017, 03:31:49 pm by Delta
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Hey guys,

we updated (long overdue!) the forum software and force everyone to use SSL/TLS now.
(so you'll access the page now via https from now on - don't worry - nothing will change for you)

This was quite major step, so there might be some issues. Be so kind and report them to us, so that I can fix it asap.

Note: you might not get the full green lock yet, I'll work on this.
Update (16 DEC 2017): The green SSL Lock should be visible now across the entire site. (There might be still some forum posts with a yellow warning due to user content which is still http content)
Note 2: received an update as well:

So whats next?!
  • We will move to a new server this - or early next year - which will improve general performance and download / page load speed
  • We are going to further update the and start the OPEN BETA soon <3
On behalf of the UGX-Mods Team

Alex 'Delta' Diller
September 14, 2017, 09:24:07 pm by treminaor
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400,000 members!

UGX-Mods is proud to announce we've surpassed 400,000 total registered users! This is a huge milestone for our community and we are so happy to see the number still growing so quickly every day. We strive to provide the best possible custom zombies community experience and we hope everyone is enjoying this website. Very soon we will be (finally) releasing a full redesign of the website to make it way more functional, usable, and also look more sleek and modern. We look forward to releasing it to you and getting your valuable feedback.

We hope everyone is having a great year so far and we are excited for the future.
Thank you - <3 The UGX-Mods Team

PS: We wanted to do a contest giveaway for this milestone but we weren't able to secure a sponsership quickly enough - we will continue trying to prepare something for the 500,000 member announcement coming soon.
July 28, 2017, 11:18:29 am by Lukkie1998
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Hey everyone,

There is now a dedicated forum board for Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 modding! If you have any topic that we have missed and correlates to Black Ops 1 but is present in any other board, please get in touch with any Site Moderator by using the Report Post button present near the bottom of any post so they can move it correspondingly to the new Black Ops 1 board. Feel free to post your WIP's or Mods that are not already on UGX and require BO1 in there as well.

On behalf of UGX-Mods,

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