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I have no idea what you are saying but I think you want this:
add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",	"zone1",	"enter_zone1", 	true );

This will spawn the zombie in th...
43 days ago
hi guys
my map is Der Riese styled i add script_structs in the start zone but when i want to put anther script_structs in the anther zone i get in round 1 that zombie spawn in the 2 zones so what can i do to make zombie spawn in the frist zone and when i active the zone_2 zombie start spawn ?
44 days ago
hi guys
how can i save my mods  files from edit or take like  Make them encrypted
and thaks  :)
47 days ago
hi guys
do you have any idea about this I can't run my map in the game  :'(
74 days ago
hi guys
i have zone Problem with my map
i make 2 zones the frist i named it start_zone
The second i named it zone_2 and script it in my mapname.gsc
in game i found that zombie spawn in the 2 zone like ( 2 in the frist zone and 3 in the second zone)
and when i active the d...
151 days ago
What have you tried now and where do you get problems?
It didnt work in my map so i think that i do something wrong
153 days ago


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