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Say you re-named your Custom Map files for more organization. Because re-naming them doesn't effect you in solo mode. But it effects you trying to play Co-op.

How do you find the original 'Mapname'?
Is the original Mapname in one of the files that's in that partic...
418 days ago
Love your mod. Commemorate you for adding tons of replay-ablity to it with the ranking system.
The next time your update the mod, or add something to it, or fix something. Is there a way to transfer the whole gun-ranking stats, or gobblegums to the new version?

I don't recall se...
425 days ago
Is it really that hard to move the DLL? Lol, since MP side of waw is comptetive it probably rejects any DLL like t4m since it might be cheats

Just set up a batch file or some shit to handle moving it and la...
425 days ago
Aight. That is annoying.
Thanks for letting me know.
Didn't know if this issue was known or not... :/
425 days ago
I owned a copy of Waw with a Online Multiplayer that never worked. (Or thought so at least.) Never tried it, until long after I installed T4M. Zombies was really all Waw was, for me, at the time.

Down to the point. I un-installed that game for reasons, and re-installed it later on. Multip...
426 days ago
a - there are no gobble gums that im aware of that "regenerate grenades"

b - widows doesnt hit "one" zombie, it hits all zombies in "range" so likely hood of getting hit twice ...
446 days ago


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