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October 07, 2011, 05:18:18 am by treminaor
Views: 1716 | Comments: 2

I'm here to announce the UGX Updater program. Aidan's been developing it for about 1-2 months and it's finally nearing completion.
When opened, the program will check for updates from UGX for all of your currently installed UGX maps, as well as allow you to browse and download UGX maps you don't already have. It will download and install the maps/updates for you as soon as you give it permission.

Screenshots and release soon.
August 23, 2011, 03:31:39 pm by treminaor
Views: 284065 | Comments: 163

    The full version of the UGX mod was first launched with UGX Comosea!
    The standalone version of the UGX mod currently under development!

    Non-standalone version 1.0 of this mod has been released alongside UGX Comosea!
    Click here to see the download page.

    Now there are more ways to enjoy World at War's zombie mode! Expanding on the classic zombie gameplay, we've included 5 separate game modes each offering a unique experience:

    • Gun Game: This was a favourite from UGX Christmas, and it's been tweaked and improved to be even better than before. Compete with your friends to get enough points, so you can reach the highest gun in the cycle before they can beat you to it.
    • Sharpshooter: An endless cycle of random weapons is thrust upon the players, forcing you to fight off the zombie horde with whatever you're given! This offers a fun twist on the classic zombie mode.
    • Bounty Hunter: A special zombie is marked in the game, and you must compete with your friends to be the first one to kill him, in order to gain a mega points bonus!
    • Arcade Mode: Our specially tweaked variant of traditional zombie gameplay, Arcade Mode includes 8+ new powerups and a special boss zombie round.
    • Classic: Un-altered classic Call of Duty zombies, but with the UGX Mod's epic arsenal of weaponry at your disposal.

    Timed gameplay can optionally be activated on all five game modes, and on c...
    August 14, 2011, 06:42:43 pm by treminaor
    Views: 2118 | Comments: 0

    I spent 5 hours writing up a partial guide to scripting in CoD5. As far as I can tell, nobody has bothered to write one up to-date that is this complete (with good reason  :-\ ) so hopefully some newbies will find it useful to get started. I will continuously be updating it as I think of things, but the basic carpet has been laid.


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