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[36/40] Clinic of Evil - A Little Pot of Purity

« on: August 23, 2016, 07:36:32 am »
Here it is.

The map that everyone has said in a heartbeat is “the best custom zombies map ever!” is finally getting a review.

Anyway, I welcome you to Clinic of Evil, the map so hyped, it makes No Mans Sky’s hype look miniscule in comparison. This map was released by the greatly talented map designer, IZaRTaX, and was helped out by people such as RDV. This combo alone is enough to get any long-serving member of the modding community intrigued, as well as open the eyes of new-comers to the scene. This map generated massive hype through gameplays from the big YouTubers, consisting of RelaxingEnd, MrTLexify and of course, NoahJ456, to name a few, and was released to the masses on June 22nd, 2016, to extreme acclaim.

Well, without further ado, let’s get into the Pros and Cons in this map.


Extreme amount of custom weaponry available: No word of a lie, this map has a very slim selection of actual weapons from Previous CoD’s, and by slim, I mean you could probably count them out on two hands. These include the Blundergat (Acid Gat doesn’t count, as it uses the Blundergat), the Olympia, the PPSH-41, the DSR-50 and the Skorpion EVO, to name a few. Meanwhile the PPSH-41 and the Skorpion EVO have actually picked up some updated skins from a Russian FPS called Survarium, and it does wonders, as these weapons look pretty darn stunning. Everything else is a weapon from a different game altogether. Sure, the weapons might share anims with previously existing weapons, but nonetheless, the fresh coat of paint, and differing sounds really made the weapon feel fresh. For example, there is a iron-sighted bolt-action rifle called the SV-98. It uses the same anims as an L118A, but it sounded like I was firing an elephant rifle, as the bass in its sound was amazing, and the skin looked extremely well done.

Hit the Sanatorium vibe dead on: I love maps like this, no word of a lie. My Favourite Custom Zombies map ever is Dixmore Asylum, because of the Claustrophobic spaces in the map, as well as the fact it felt like anything could jump out a you at any given moment. This map hits the vibe dead on. It looks like a riot had gone down here, and there are corpses everywhere, as well as the muskiness of the air around you, really adds to the creepiness of the map. It makes great use of the Mob of the Dead models, as it works well, as well as the similar colour palette to it, which works well for a sanatorium.

Easter Egg is very fulfilling: This is a great change for a map. The easter egg is a lengthy, but feels great once you finish it, especially since I played the BETA, and the ending was a bit different to what I was used to. For those who don’t know, when you buy the “ending” you fly off on the plane, which give you a nice pleasant vision file and music to match, but, that’s not the end. You then teleport to this pit, where you must survive against never-ending Brutus’s spawning in, which can be challenging if you just so happened to be lacking any serious firepower. Then, once you do that, and get out of the pit, you get the actual ending, where you get a more morbid ending, where your screen gets a red vision file, and the music is a lot deeper/darker to listen to. This made me really enjoy the Easter Egg ending, and it didn’t need to entice me with all perks to do so

Well, no map is perfect, so let’s get into the Cons of this map.


No Perk limit: Unfortunately, this map doesn’t have a perk limit, which kinda saddens me, as it means you can buy every perk on the map, points permitting. Which, as I’ve stated many times before, takes away from the challenge aspect of the map, which is saddening for such as masterpiece. It might not be much of a con, but it’s a con, so it has to go here.

Final Verdict

Level Detail: 10/10. Looks and feels great, shows how much effory IZaRTaX puts into this map design.

Custom Content: 9/10. Everything, literally everything is custom, except the Knife Model.

Fun Scale: 9/10. Tonnes of custom weapons, a decent sized easter egg and hordes of the undead asking for a hot lead
lobotomy, what’s not to love?

Replayability: 8/10. The Easter Egg is what keeps me coming back. That, on top of the weapons themselves.

Overall Score: 36/40

Download Link:

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Please give me beta access, I would LOVE to test CO-OP

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Re: [36/40] Clinic of Evil - A Little Pot of Purity

« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2016, 06:54:52 pm »
One of my favorite WAW maps  :) Great review
UnDead Hospital - 100% (Finished) Download Link:,5202.html

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