ERROR Launching game with T4M

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Created 1531 days ago
by MikeVLC
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Things to do before you can say that you remaster anything:
1. To know exactly wich means "To Remaster"
2. To have the master (the original or original files)
3. Be sure that you really are improving the original, in the case of a videogame level, be sure the textures and fx's at least receive some kind of improve.
Otherwise you only use a tag, a fake tag.
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I had a similar problem some days ago,10865.0.html and now I ve noticed, where is the problem, but I cant understand why this didnt happen before, and I d like to know if someone can help to find a solution.
I can launch the game first time after to restart (normally) but if I am trying to fix an anim, for example, I cant launch the game twice in two minutes, sometimes I have to wait 5 or more minutes for game works.
If I remove T4M, I can launch game all times, but the problem is that I was working during months with mods that need T4M for work...
I cant advance with this problem.
I used debug view for can see exactly what fails and this is the report



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