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Welcome on UGX-Mods

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About UGX-Mods



UGX-Mods is a modding team created in 2010 which originally modded for Call of Duty: World at War.
In June 2011 the UGX-Mods forum was launched and turned over the years into the biggest zombie modding forum for Call of Duty.

High Quality of User Generated Content

UGX-Mods is known for high quality maps like UGX Cabin, UGX Christmas, UGX Comosea and UGX Requiem which featured the latest version of the award winning UGX Mod Standalone.
With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and it's mod tools, UGX created two maps UGX Azreal and UGX Christmas Remastered and a light version of the UGX Mod for Black Ops 3

Tools & Service

Besides modding and hosting / maintaining a forum, the UGX-Mods Team is also delivering tools to improve modding and playing mods.
Most mentionable is the UGX Map Manager, an application which downloads and installs mods which can be played then.
The next iteration of the successor is the UGX Launcher which is in active development by UGX-Mods.


  • November 2010, UGX-Mods was created by Co-Founders Andy 'treminaor' King and Jack 'WING3D' Dolley.
  • June 2011, the first project of UGX-Mods, UGX Cabin was released. One of the first maps with objectives and difficutly setting. - Also the UGX-Mods Forum was launched.
  • December 2011, the first version of the UGX Mod with the Map UGX Christmas was well recieved by the community.
  • October 2012, map UGX Comosea was released with the UGX Mod.
  • January 2013, the standalone release of the UGX Mod Standalone v1.0.3 for other maps created by the community.
    The UGX Mod Standalone was #74 in the "Mod of the Year" 2013 contest on ModDB.
  • October 2015, the long anticiapted UGX Requiem was released with the latest version of the feature filled UGX Mod Standalone v1.1.
  • December 2015, UGX Mod Standalone v1.1 was released to other experienced modders as beta version.
  • January 2016, The UGX Mod Standalone v1.1 was #35 in the "Mod of the Year" 2015 contest on ModDB.
  • August 2016, UGX-Mods Forum has over 300 000 registered users!
  • October 2016, UGX Azreal (Halloween themed map) and the UGX Mod BO3 Edition for Black Ops 3 was released on Steam Workshops.
    Also the UGX-Mods Forum Beta for donors was launched which is a work in progress version of the new forum theme with many new features and improvements.
  • December 2016, UGX Christmas Remastered for Black Ops 3 was released on Steam Workshops.
  • September 2017, UGX-Mods Forum has over 400 000 registered users! Big thanks to our community for their support!
  • May 2018, Open Beta launched for the improved UGX-Mods Forum!
  • September 2018, Beta launched of UGX-Mods Forum on production (!
  • July 2021, First alpha version of new UGX-Mods Scripting Reference was released.
  • September 2022, Revive of UGX-Mods chat as nostalgic edition.
  • Currently, development of UGX Launcher + UGX Play and maintenance of the UGX Forum.

Our vision & motivation

  • We want to deliver the Ultimate Gaming Experience (UGX) to everyone!
  • Besides producing high quality content, we ensure that the community can also create this amount of quality by delivering tools tutorials and help.
  • We try to constantly improve ourself and listen carefully to feedback from our community.
  • While the team left the active modding scene, we still want to support and maintain a healthy modding scene with our products and services.

Some key facts about us

  • Over 5 years of experience in Call of Duty modding
  • Large & active community with lot's of User Generated Content
  • High Quality Maps created by UGX-Mods and by the awesome community
  • Time saving tools, wiki and forum for modding, discussions and learning
  • UGX Launcher, the mod downloader & installer software, successor of the UGX Map Manager

UGX-Mods - Staff

UGX-Mods Team

UGX Administrator (2x)

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[UGX] Founder
(Alexander Diller)
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[UGX] Maintainer (Admin & Programmer)
UGX Team Member (3x)

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[UGX] Social Networking & Q.A.

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[UGX] Documentation Writer & Programmer

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[UGX] Developer

UGX-Mods Moderators

UGX Site Moderator (2x)

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UGX Site Moderator

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UGX Chat Moderator (3x)

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UGX Chat Moderator

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UGX Chat Moderator

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UGX Chat Moderator




logo of UGX Cabin

UGX Cabin

Based on concept images of horror movies based in foggy forests, Cabin will set the benchmark for unnerving, intense survival action in Call of Duty World at War's zombie mode.
More information
logo of UGX Christmas

UGX Christmas

Hordes of undead elves have cornered you into a small church in the middle of a fierce snowstorm; can you save Christmas from these fiends?
It also features an early snapshot of the UGX Mod, with modern weapons from Call of Duty 4, as well as our own custom-made weapons, but also some fun gameplay additions.
More information
logo of UGX Comosea

UGX Comosea

Welcome to Comosea Industries, winner of coveted safety awards and leader of the forestry trade!
Comosea is an epic new custom zombie map features the long-awaited full version of the UGX Mod. Features 5 unique game-modes, plethora of awesome new weapons, Objective gameplay and Rank up system to acquire new character customizations and complete challenges for even more special unlockables
More information
logo of UGX Requiem

UGX Requiem

Voted one of the five best maps of 2014, Requiem took the modding community by storm with its innovative objectives and unprecedented detail. There is an elaborate set of objectives on the map involving shooting targets with flying zombies, shooting meteors in the sky, solving puzzles, finding parts to build things with, and more. It is also the first map to feature the final version of UGX Mod v1.1.
More information
logo of UGX Azrael

UGX Azrael

UGX Azrael is a Halloween map made in less than a month. While it's not big or most detailed map, it has thought put into it and can be fun to play with friends, especially while running UGX Mod BO3.
More information
logo of UGX Christmas Remastered

UGX Christmas Remastered

UGX Christmas Remastered is a map originally made in 2011 and was brought into Call of Duty Black Ops 3 with twice the playable area's size and more stuff to do than in original, very basic map.
More information


logo of UGX Mod Standalone v1.1

UGX Mod Standalone v1.1

Award winning mod to enhance the zombie mode of Call of Duty: World at War with tons of new features.
More information
logo of UGX Mod for Black Ops 3

UGX Mod for Black Ops 3

Basic version of the World at War version with: Timed Gameplay, Gungame, CHAOS Mode, Sharpshooter, Arcademode and Custom Powerups (Terminator, Gun Upgrade, Gun Advancement, Points Advancement, Killshot, Invincibility, Quickfoot).
More information


logo of UGX Scrip Placer v2

UGX Scrip Placer v2

Easily place all the needed scripts to start working on your map in seconds.
More information
logo of UGX Asset Counter

UGX Asset Counter

Small utility to help you count how many assets you are loading in your map, according to the engine compiler.
More information
logo of UGX AliasEditor++

UGX AliasEditor++

Tool for editing soundalias csv files of Call of Duty: World at War.
More information
logo of UGX WeaponsEditor++

UGX WeaponsEditor++

Major UI and usability improvement over Asset Manager weapon-editing capabilities.
More information
logo of UGX Installation Creator v1.1

UGX Installation Creator v1.1

This program will create an installer for a Call of Duty: World at War created map.
More information
logo of UGX Project Mover v1.2

UGX Project Mover v1.2

Merge multiple mod folders into your map folder after compilation.
More information

Websites & Apps

logo of UGX Forum

UGX Forum

Massive overhaul released!
The heart of UGX-Mods - the forum which was established in 2011.
It receives an major (modernization) update in 2018 with many new features & improvements.
More information
logo of UGX Play

UGX Play

IN DEVELOPMENT (donor version)
Web frontend for the UGX Launcher. Players can find easy content and creators can easily share their creations.
More information
logo of UGX Scripting Reference

UGX Scripting Reference

RELEASED (v2 in development)
Reference for Scriping Commands (language: GSC and CSC) for Call of Duty: World at War.
More information
logo of UGX Chat

UGX Chat

nostalgic edition (maintenance only)
Web based realtime chat for UGX-Mods users.
Was replaced in 2017 officially with a Discord Server due to it's popularity amongs gamers and much more features
More information


logo of UGX Map Manager

UGX Map Manager

RELEASED (maintenance only)
Map Manager which downloads and install high quality custom zombie maps. (first application of it's kind)
More information
logo of UGX Launcher

UGX Launcher

IN DEVELOPMENT (donor version)
User Generated Content Manager Application
Huge improvements and more features over UGX Map Manager. To be released in 2018.
More information


ModDB Awards for UGX Mod Standalone

-Zombie Mod for Call of Duty: World at War
Rank #74 in Mod of the Year 2013
ModDB Rank #74 Badge
Rank #35 in Mod of the Year 2015
ModDB Rank #35 Badge

Press & Contact

Press Kits

Press releases are usually published as Forum Announcements or as blog entries on our UGX-Mods Blog.


Note: An customer account will be created for your email address in your customer portal (UGX Help Center). We usually respond within the next 48h.

See also here: UGX-Mods Contact